Thursday, January 5, 2012

Better Late than Never?

So, today is January 5th, 2012.  I always seem to be a day late and a dollar short, but I have been pondering what my "Word of the Year" will be.  So many bloggers out there have written inspiring posts as to how they chose their Word.  There are so many words to choose from... is the perfect word to describe what is lacking in my life. I lack patience in almost EVERY aspect of my life.  I am an Instant Gratification kind of girl.  Because of this, I also tend to be a Fly Off the Handle kind of girl.  It can be very off-putting, especially to me.

Just some thoughts as to where I need more patience, listed in no particular order:
  • My dear sweet mother moved in with me in November of 2010.  After many months of her saying "pardon" because she could not hear me, she FINALLY agreed to purchase hearing aids last year.  On those days/nights when we are sitting around the TV, which is already turned up too loud,  and I ask "Mom, do you want something to drink?", her reply is typically "Pardon?" , I usually respond - very loudly to ensure that she can hear me - with  "Mom, are you wearing your hearing aids?" She replies sheepishly with.... "No, I forgot" or "No, they hurt".  I want to find the patience to realize that she is 76 years old and someday, God willing, I will reach her age and not want to be reminded that it sucks to be losing ones senses, literally. 
  •  My best dog-friend in the Whole Wide World is my boy, Sam.  This is how he spends much of his between his walks and backyard play time.  He will be 11 years old on April 19th.  He lost his sister/litter-mate, Abby, my other best-dog friend in the Whole Wide World, on April 12th, 2010.  He still misses her...we both do.  Anyhow,  sometimes after our 30 minute walk in the rain, after I have spent 10 minutes drying off the mud and general yuck of the neighborhood from his paws and tummy, he decides "oops...I guess I should have relived myself on my walk" and he will stand at the door.  I want to find the patience NOT to call him an expletive at that very moment.  That's all I am going to say about that.
  • I want the patience NOT to drive through McDonald's and gorge on their french fries, just because I crave them. I can't even stand to put a picture of them in this would require a fast food run. 
Photo by Wikipedia
  • I don't know anyone who can tolerate traffic--especially in Northern Virginia--I am no exception.  I am so tired of glancing over to the driver next to me and noticing that he/she is talking on their cell phone, TEXTING, eating, shaving, or putting on their mascara - all while driving.  It absolutely infuriates me that "they" feel it is okay to put MY life at risk while they do whatever distracting habit they choose.  My blood pressure rises. My pulse races. Soon, I too, become distracted from being so angry at their distractions.  I want the patience to take a deep breath, and continue on my way without it ruining the next hour of my life as I vent in the car and put someone else's life at risk, or worse, becoming "one of them".
  • I like routines.  I typically plan (in my head) my entire day the night before.  I rarely have a day where I have scratched every item off of this mental list I made.  I want the patience to know that it's okay....the world will not come to an end all gets done eventually.  This feeling of "non-accomplishment" can sometimes affect my already low self-esteem.  I really need to pay heed to this bullet point.
The bottom line is I want less stress in my life, 99% of which is self-induced.  I feel that if I can attain more patience, there will be less stress.  I want to enjoy every day and make each day better than the last.

I won't bore you with anymore of my diatribe on "what sets Patti off".  But, if you have read this much of this post, I thank YOU for your patience.


  1. A good word, Patti...and one we all could use a little more of! I wish you well with it. In our fast paced life..we often forget to just breathe or count to 10, or 20..when there is someone who is testing our patience yet again!

  2. Great post! I live in Alexandria - so can identify with the traffic issues :-( We need to start a NoVa blog group :-) it will help keep us sane (but I am NOT reading said blogs while stuck in traffic...anymore :-))

  3. I could relate to so much of your post! I agree with Elisbeth - we should start a NoVA beading group! There were a few of us that talked about that before. Maybe even if we all met up for dinner, not even beading - we could all talk "shop"! :-)
    Btw, your Sam is so adorable!

  4. OK, after reading your bullet #4, I have changed my mind. I think I will drive on the next trip :)