Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Bead Swap - with Moobie Grace Designs

After the 5th Bead Soup Blog Party, Lori Anderson of Pretty Things hosted a quick "Bead Swap" via Facebook - submit your name, she pairs you with a partner, and you swap beads. (Thank you, Lori!)  For some reason, the starts were aligned and the Bead Gods were shining down on me, as I was paired with Tania-Chris Collinson-Spivey, of Moobie Grace Designs.  The idea was to swap some beads, hopefully spiking creativity, and meet a new friend.  Boy, did I hit pay dirt!.

I was a little concerned when she mentioned on Facebook that her "box" was too heavy for "regular mail".....I did not receive "some beads"....I received ten (yes....10) individual packets of thoughtfully chosen beady ingredients.  And let me tell you, Tania's right brain was really working the day she put these soups together, because her eye for color and texture is absolutely amazing!  Here are some pics of each packet of goodness, not shown in any particular order:

Tania made these blue polymer clay lentils - these are quite possibly my favorite from the thousands of beads she sent! (They are Mom's favorite, too!)
Look at these charms...and that awesome toggle clasp!  SHE MADE THESE!  I still cannot get over the intricacies of each element on those beads!!  Aren't they just gorgeous!  That toggle has to end up as a front closure/focal on whatever I end up making!
Golem!  I swear, these exact beads were in my shopping cart at one point in my past...I just love red and black...and that pop of yellow....well, it is just perfection!

She made that floral focal...and look at the lampwork owl!!  These soft greys and yellow....just yummy!

She also works in copper clay...and look at the hand forged hearts!

This focal - again made by Tania - is ridiculously gorgeous! 

I really love how this little birdie sits in this toggle base - again - a front closure/focal just waiting to happen!

Golem...again!  Look at these colors!

She made the polymer clays lentils - near the front of the bottom picture, as well.

Her assemblage of colors, textures, and shapes for each soup is just stunning to me, and I am so humbled to receive these gifts! I will update in future posts what has been created...I only hope that I can do them justice....

Thank you so much Tania (and you, too, Lori)!  Thanks for stopping by!


  1. Is it ok to be envious? I love beads, all beads, can't wait to see mine (and I hope they like what I sent them!)

  2. Wow!!! Each and every piece is just a beautiful as the last! You have so much fun and beautiful pieces to work with! I look forward to seeing what you create!

  3. Looks like you are going to be having a lot of fun! I just love her beads.

  4. Oh wow! Pay dirt indeed! You received some really gorgeous beads. I cannot wait to see all the beauty you create with them. :)