Friday, November 9, 2012

Craft show....hmmmmm

Last weekend was my first craft show - I had only shown my work at home shows in the past.  Wow - what a difference!  I had armed myself with all information available on what to bring to a craft show, how to display your work, etc.  I have to admit I did not forget one thing!  Here is a pic of my table:
Click on pics for a larger view
This was a 2 day craft show - Saturday from 9:00 - 2:00, continuing at 5:30 - 8:00, and then Sunday from 8:00 - 2:00.  It was held in a church Parish Hall.  There was NO HEAT.  NONE.  It was very cold last weekend and the room temperature felt like it did not rise above 45 degrees the entire weekend.  Brrrr.. was slow.  Very slow.  The busiest day was Sunday - after each Mass.  But in between each Mass was an hour-long lull. 
The upside is that I met some of the nicest vendors!  They all noted that sales had been down for them...way down...all year long, including this show.  People just don't want to spend money right now.  I did fair - I did not expect to sell a single thing, but I did.   It was a great experience - especially since I have 2 more shows coming up next week.
Here are some pics of my table.  I bought the coolest necklace and bracelet displays from Last Summer Treasures - they are handmade from bamboo!  I got several compliments on the bamboo.
I bought this pretty papered box at Michael's with a 40% coupon - I don't think I paid $8.00 for it.  Well, my mother had matching deep purple satin, so she made me a little pillow to fit inside - Thanks Mom!
I had made my own earring cards and tags, and I bought this nice earring stand from Rio Grande - it holds lots of earrings and it's made of solid oak.  I found that people actually lingered a little longer at my table and looked at every single earring! 
My back and legs did not fare well, however.  I am still suffering from the affects of my bulging disc, which is pinching my sciatica nerve.  I stood most of the time, as sitting was just NOT. COMFORTABLE.  I go back to the Doc on Tuesday...we'll see what he says.
All I can say is I felt every day of my almost 52 years by Sunday night!  The weeks worth of prep work involved - plus just the added anxiety of having my first craft show - well, let's just say I was overly tired and achy!  I am not sure if I will do this show again next year - 2 days in a row and it was so slow - I will wait to see if the economy improves first!
I will end this post with some pics of my newest designs.
I love this bracelet - handmade bronze clasp by Lesley Watt of TheaToo, peeled paint beads by Jeannie Dukic, and ceramic beads by Marsha Neal.
Another bronze clasp by Lesley Watt of Thea Too, bronze accent bead by LeAnn Wieh of Summers Studio, and polymer beads by Humblebeads
I swear - this bracelet was the most popular of any of my other pieces!  I am surprised it did not sell!  Vibrant polymer beads by Barbara Bechtel of Second Surf.
I love how this necklace turned out!  I used lamp work beads by Javabead and Sue Kennedy of Sues Beads.  It's wrapped with silver filled sterling, antiqued, and tumbled for shine.
I made another Elemental Bracelet, which I learned from Stacie Florer at ArtBliss.  This time, I intentionally made it "big" - in silver.  It fits so well - like a cuff.
A close up of the bracelet - I soldered a tiny little silver bezel with turquoise on one of the links.
This necklace is my favorite and I am keeping it - it took me six straight hours to make!  It is based on a design by Kerry Bogert from her Totally Twisted Book - double stranded, and it includes her beads that I bought at ArtBliss.
Thanks so much for stopping by...what a long winded post! I enjoy reading your comments, if you are so inclined to leave one!  I hope you enjoy your weekend!


  1. what a gorgeous display. LOVE the bamboo, the box and the earring rack. Definitely inspirational. Doing my first show tomorrow!!! Can't wait!!! Your set up is beautiful as are your pieces. Thanks for sharing!!

  2. BEE-utiful display and items, Patti! Congrats for surviving your first show and I can't believe there was no heat. ??? Sorry to hear you're in pain and I hope that it's better soon. Good luck this weekend. :)

  3. Your display is FABULOUS! Really great - I need to do a display revamp when I get a chance. And your new work is stunning! Hope you feel better soon :-)

  4. Awesome display! Your jewelry really looks very classy and special. I wish you many sales this holiday season!

  5. Your display looks very classy Patti and certainly not like a show newbie. Now then...all of those pieces of jewellery are gorgeous but I L.O.V.E that first bracelet to bits...and not just because it has my clasp! It's just so rich and vibrant and such a wonderful palette, and beautful textures and,and, and...well you get my drift.

  6. Glad to hear your first craft show was a positive experience, with the exception of the lack of heat. What is up with that? I like the variety of display elements that you used too-makes for a visually interesting table. Good luck next week!

  7. What a beautiful set up. You did a fantastic job. In general I think a two day show is too much for a new seller and not because you can't do it but because It is exhausting and you can sell as much in one day unless it is a huge festival.I love the pillow your mom made.It is perfect. A tip from me..I usually have something to sell that is less expensive that I call my bread and butter. I make sure I have enough to pay for the booth and my expenses.Some people will never pay for the art bead designs but want to buy something and you still want to get your money back at least.
    You never know at a new venue but it works for me. Good Luck at your next show.

  8. First Show!?! Your display shows like a Pro put it together; I love the bracelet box with it's custom pillow. The first bracelet you featured is my favorite, love the colors and the clasp. Thanks for sharing your show pictures. Cheers!
    Lori in Atlanta

  9. Your table is fantastic! Great height variation, enough to look at without being crowded. And your jewelry is beautiful. I've only done open houses (at my house) but am doing my first craft show (and outdoors) next weekend. I do well at the open houses and am nervous about how well I'll do at the show. I hope your other events do better sales wise. Good luck!

  10. Ewww, I hate being cold at a show. My nose gets very red and my fingers are like ice.

    Your displays are wonderful! I love the bamboo necklace display, and the earring card display from Rio. I'm so glad you sold some things at this show. I, too, have noticed a dip in sales these last few months.

    Best of luck on your next show! oh, and I'm ashamed to say I have not sent your prize package from my recent blog giveaway. It seems I'm swallowed up in lots of things and feeling more than a bit behind. I will get it to you as soon as I can.

    Have a wonderful weekend!

  11. Your table is wonderful Patti! Shows are so hit or miss. Shows that are good one year can be not good the next. It is frustrating with all the time you put into it (not to mention the physical pain!) I hope you feel better real soon. Beautiful new jewelry too!

  12. Congratulations on having a great first show experience (even if it was really cold - I've learned the wisdom of layers, layers, layers, and warm socks!!!)

    And to save your back, investigate getting an director's chair like this:

    You can find them affordably at Pier One or other places -- nice and tall, so you can take the weight off your back without disappearing behind your table!

  13. I love your display and I would have definitely stopped and shopped at your table. Good luck on your next two shows.

  14. Patti! really beautiful display/s! I love all the variation ... so much to look at and to linger a little longer over your gems :) Some really pretty new items ... and so hope you're feeling better soon! all that standing really doesn't help when you're back is giving you trouble :(

  15. Patti your table and all of the displays are so beautiful. I am so glad that you took photos to share. Gosh, everything looks so beautiful. I love them all, but the Elemental Bracelet is my favorite. I hope you feel better soon and that the next shows are busy, busy, busy!

  16. Your designs are gorgeous Patti and your display table looks fantastic! I hope your next two shows are huge hits! =)

  17. A beautiful display of genuinely handmade jewellery and if this is your first show I am sure that you are going to do very well. Your pieces are beautifully designed and they are a credit to you.

  18. Gorgeous designs and your table looked great! I have had slow show's this year too.