Thursday, September 26, 2013


It's almost more day!  Tomorrow morning, I will be at artBLISS!

Hosted by the lovely ladies, Jeanette Ryan and Cindy Wimmer, three days of jewelry making classes filled with creativity will be taking place!

I will be taking two classes with Richard Salley and Jessica Papke, and one class with Stacie Florer! My classes will entail making rings, rings with cabochons, and POST earrings!   I hope to hone my soldering skills...we shall see!  

Miracle Horse Rescue - Fundraiser Update

As of September 25, I have raised - and already donated - $1,865.00 to benefit the equines at Miracle Horse Rescue!  I have been gobsmacked with orders (THANK YOU!!) and I am beyond flabbergasted! Quite frankly, I anticipated maybe 6-8 sales over the 7 week fundraising period ...I never thought I would raise so much money, especially in such a short period of time.  I am truly humbled by this support! I am hoping that I am also raising awareness to the plight of horse rescue - all animal rescue!  

I have been bombing Facebook with my fundraising efforts - thank you for not "un-friending" me! :)

I will be away from my shop from Friday- Sunday (September 27 - September 29).  Normally, I would place my Etsy shop "on vacation", but since I will only be away a couple of days, I decided to leave it open.  So, I stocked my shop with new earrings:

(click on images for larger view)

And this lovely bracelet, too!

The current discount in my shop of 25% off continues through  9/27/13.  From September 28th - October 12th, save 20%!  No coupon required!  It's not too early to shop for Christmas - or yourself!

I hope you have a wonderful weekend (I know I will!!)  Thank you for stopping by!


  1. Have fun at Art Bliss! I can't wait to see what you create! Some year I'll get there!

  2. have a fantastic time! I'm so jealous ... I would love to meet you and everyone else in person!! take lots of pics :)

  3. I will miss seeing you this year at ArtBliss. So many wonderful classes and such great people to be with. Congrats to the horses! You've done a wonderful thing for them.

  4. my earrings arrived! my earrings arrived!! WOO HOO!!! someone needs to take me out on the town and twirl me around and let these babies be seen!!!!
    congrats on the $ you have raised so far~you are kicking butt.
    Cannot wait to see what comes out of your hands after ArtBliss! Enjoy the weekend!

  5. Lucky you! Have fun! We will be on the Oregon coast.

  6. Hi Patti,
    Have lots of fun this weekend soaking up the knowledge of your instructors, you deserve it. Congratulations on the amount you raised for the horses.

  7. Congratulations on your amazing fund raising! And I hope you have a total blast this weekend. Can't wait to read all about it when you get back.

  8. Gorgeous will keep my fingers and pinkies crossed that I might get lucky : )

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