Saturday, June 14, 2014

Dreaming of Pastels

One year ago yesterday - I bought these beads from Donna Millard - and they are so special!  I have kept them on my desk, in a handmade ceramic bowl for a year now, where I smile every time I look at them!  The colors of these beads emanate from the inside out.  Soft pastels, with specs of color, in a chunky nugget shape, with a soft, matte finish.  Ahhh....

It was time I did something with these beads.  I have a dress that has all of these colors.  So, I made myself a necklace.  Something I NEVER do, as my jewelry box is stuffed with jewelry from more talented artists!

Anyway, I soldered a few rings from heavy silver wire and added texture.  Some of these beads have actual gold leaf on the outside.

I am not normally drawn to pastels - I am more an earth tone, blue jean kinda girl.  But these beads...

Made a simple pair of earrings with the purple beads, too.

I would normally add patina to the silver, and throw the whole thing in my tumbler.  But, I had concerns that the finish on the beads could not handle the buff and tumble.  So, I kept it shiny.  I made a toggle clasp from one of Cindy Wimmer's design from her book - The Missing Link.  This will be worn with the clasp to the side, as opposed to the back of the neck.

I believe Donna has outdone herself on these beads.  My only sorrow is that now I have to visit my jewelry box to look at them, instead of my ceramic bowl on my bench!  I think I can handle that!

On a side note, I am running a special sale in my shop - hay prices in Nevada have gone sky high.  So, all proceeds from my shop will be donated to Miracle Horse Rescue so they can feed these special, rescued furbabies.

Thanks for stopping by - hoping your last weekend of Spring is wonderful!




  1. oh I agree Patti! the colors in these are just gorgeous and I love how you've wire wrapped this along with that toggle! the paddle earrings look like they have great swing to them - LOVE that

  2. This necklace is a work of art...beautiful beads and outstanding wirework! Your toggle is very special. I love it! You are going to get a LOT of compliments! Thanks for sharing!

  3. Now that necklace is just divine! I'm so pleased you're keeping it for yourself, I think you'd find it very very hard to sell! (and there is no reason why it has to live in your jewellery box, keep it on your worktable to inspire you!)

  4. Simply gorgeous. I love the links and that toggle clasp is awesome.

  5. Those beads are gorgeous! The colors and the gold leaf make them seem luminous! And, your necklace is beautiful! I know you'll enjoy wearing it! I think this winter made us all use colors we don't normally use! Enjoy this gorgeous weekend,my friend, it's going to be summer with a capital "S" this week or so I hear!!

  6. Hi Patti,
    This is an awesome gift to yourself. The necklace and earrings are gorgeous! If I were you I would also wear these when wearing jeans and a t-shirt.