Thursday, July 24, 2014

The Beach???? Me????

So, I bought this absolutely gorgeous set of beads by Jenelle and Daniel of Beads and Botanicals - in colors I simply NEVER use.  Way out of my comfort zone, but DROP. DEAD. GORGEOUS.  I never buy beads with a final project in mind - I simply buy them because they hit a chord within. Which is why I have SO MANY BEADS!  No complaints here, just a statement of fact.

So, I made this bracelet - why, yes it is adjustable.  But zoom in and looks at these beads:

The focal alone is screaming "get to a beach...NOW"...but the tiny spacers have a nugget shape and texture.  My downfall is ALWAYS the texture!

With the bracelet complete, I started to play with my silver wire and I soldered bunches of the same type of links I used in the bracelet.  And I went one step further.  I made some jump rings, and was simply going to connect the links, but this time, I actually soldered the jump rings, as well.

Almost indestructible, I'd say!  Well, the set of beads, above, came with a large STRIKING focal.  I did not want to "over muss" (my word) the design - the focal is just that beautiful.  So, I made an extra long pendant design and wrapped it to the center loop of the necklace.

I added some sterling paddles to serve as fringe on the bottom of the focal bead.  A simple clasp for fastening.

Love this necklace!  I don't however, love the beach - except in the dead of winter when it is freezing cold and there is no one there!  I know...I am odd.

With the necklace and bracelet done, I went ahead and tried another silver bezel set cab - this time Denim Lapis.

It is not 100% symmetrical, - the silver wires on the side are off  just enough to bug me - so I won't be selling this one, but I am still very pleased with how it turned out!  

I even soldered closed the jump ring on the top - my luck, this pendant would fly right off my neck if I did not!

I am going to keep practicing this skill set - maybe abstract design is better for me than trying to attain symmetry! 

Thanks so much for stopping by - enjoy the upcoming weekend!



  1. I'm as "odd" as you about the beach, but I disagree with you about your lapis setting--I think the asymmetry makes it!

  2. Me too......the beach scene is not for me... I really don't like sand everywhere because I am the one who has to clean it up! HA! What I really DO like is your terrific skill with the soldering! The denim lapis pendant is GREAT! You are very hard on yourself. To me the pendant is perfection...front and back. You are definitely an artist! I always enjoy visiting your blog and I appreciate you sharing your latest creations with us! Thanks, Patti!

  3. I LOVE that pendant Patti ... being slightly asymmetrical is the sign of handmade which is what I prefer! it is a beauty! I really just love your silver work on that necklace with the large chain - really gorgeous! and the beach .... dead of winter. That is me to a T! I grew up on the coast of Oregon ... I love throwing on a huge fisherman's sweater and heading down to the beach in what I call 'sideways wind' ... nothing like it.