Saturday, December 20, 2014

2014 Ornament Swap/Hop

Scheduling conflicts have prohibited me from joining blog hops this year.  But, when the gifted Sally Russick sent out the invites for the Ornament Swap/Hop I knew I had to join in, and I am so glad I did!

Sally pairs up the participants - and the only requirement is to use an art problem here!  I was so excited to learn that my partner was Jenny Davies-Reazor.  I met Jenny in person at Art Bliss a couple of years ago.  She is so multi-talented and truly fits the bill of "Mixed Media Artist".  In my humble opinion, my favorite of her artwork is her ceramics...and not just beads!

Before the swap, Jenny sent me a little survey, asking me questions such as my favorite colors, my favorite beverage.  Well, when I opened the package containing her ornament, she took my answers to that little quiz literally!

Look at this masterpiece of hand-sewn felt!!  My favorite colors are blue and green, and why yes, my favorite beverage is coffee!  The details in the leaves (look at that tiny red felt bird people!!) are amazing!  Even the back ...

The porcelain knot bead is by Caroline at Blueberri Beads and the little red lampwork bird is from Lori Lochner. I cannot get my camera to catch the subtle details in the porcelain knot... but trust me - just gorgeous!

She then spoiled me with what she called "extras", which came in their own sweet little felted envelope.  Packaging is everything!  Isn't this sweet?!

Now, her extras were wrapped in lovely brown tissue that I would swear was scented with patchouli.  That scent - whatever it is - still lingers in my studio and is one of my favorites!  Look at these beautiful works of art, handmade by Jenny

Two of those ceramic pieces are cabochons and I WILL attempt a prong setting for those babies!  But, look closely at this mixed media piece:

Polymer clay, hand painted, with the word "create" from a dictionary (I assume!), and resin poured on top - isn't this fabulous!  What a word!!!  This is my favorite! :)

I have three Christmas trees in my home.  One is a pencil tree in my living room (24" wide and I love that - no furniture to move!)  One is in my family room, and my favorite of all trees is my white tree, which sits in my upstairs foyer.  This tree holds all of my treasured ornaments, many of which were made by my mom, and my Christopher Radko glass ornament collection.  The picture above is Jenny's ornament in my favorite tree!

I made Jenny an ornament with lots of wire (duh!)  But, I also used two treasured art beads, as well. My intent was to have a blue bird, perched on his nest (the wire wreath) while waiting for his food, and his tiny little house in which she can quickly go to rest after a long days work hunting for that food.  It was my intent, anyway!

The lampwork bird is by none other than Donna Millard, and that exquisite little polymer clay house is by Marla James.

I also sent Jenny a copper fold formed leaf pendant I made, glistening with just a touch of gold gilders paste, and a copper toggle clasp.  

Jenny - I cannot thank you enough for your thoughtful, personalized art work - I feel so blessed!  Thank you to Sally for hosting this wonderful "Gift Giving" Blog Hop - it is my favorite!

Please give some love to the other participants!

Thanks so much for stopping by today!  



  1. Hi Patti,
    I love the ornament you received from Jenny she did a fantastic job on capturing your favorites. I know you will have a great time creating with the other goodies your received. The felted pouch is a treasure in it's self.
    I love the ornament you sent to Jenny.

  2. Your felt ornament is so beautiful! And, the extras are fantastic! I love the little pouch. Your ornament is so wonderful! I love the wire wreath! I'll say it again, your work is so gorgeous!
    Have a wonderful holiday, Patti! I hope you have the merriest of Christmases and a very happy New Year!

  3. Patti - please don't think FOR A SECOND that I didn't love my extras! I didn't blog them - but I adore them. I am crazy thrilled my ornament made it to the Radko tree! WooHoo. I am glad you like all the felt. Its a medium I keep for fun! Our tree when I was little had many felt and sequined ornaments made by my Mom and Grandmom so its a family tradition of sorts. I adore my nest/wreath - and think it will stay out all year! Thanks my dear!

  4. Awesome ornaments on both parts! As I was your partner last year, I know how awesome your ornaments are! I want to see the pencil tree! Merry Christmas Patti!

  5. Your wire worked ornament is beautiful Patti and I know Jenny will treasure that. I love that you have a tree dedicated to special ornaments and Jennies sweet folk style piece is just lovely. A very merry festive season to you.

  6. Both of you did excellent work! I love the felt cozy and warm feeling and the wire ornament you made is fabulous! I too would hang it in a window to look at year round. Great job both of you!

  7. I'm not sure which ornament I should be commenting on... Love the little bird and the wire work on your ornament and the felted one with the coffee theme!

  8. Like you, I haven't been able to participate in Blog Hops or challenges this year, but couldn't resist joining Sally's ornament swap hop. This is truly one of my favorite events of the year. And I can tell from your post that you feel the same.

    Both the ornament you made and the one you received from Jenny are so beautiful. I love your wire work nest wreath with the bluebird and house. A complete little story. And what fun you will have working with Jenny's components.

  9. Patti - the piece you made is just incredible! I can see why Jenny is hanging it in a window instead of on the tree! And the treasures you got to play with - swoon! I hope you have a wonderful Christmas!

  10. Your wire and metal work never seizes to amaze me. Your ornament is awesome and I love the hanger you made to go with it. Jennie's ornament is so cool! I love the envelope she made as well -- so creative.

  11. Hi Patti, The ornament from Jenny is fabulous. So personalized and cool. The one you made for her is wonderful too. Your wirework is so beautiful. I admire what you can do with wire and metal.

  12. Oh Patti I love your wirework and can gush for days about your perfect twists and turns and how you are a master at manipulating the metals!!! The ornament you sent out to Jenny is GORGEOUS!!! I love how both your ornament and the one you received from Jenny have a home for the holidays, cozy vibe and are both filled with love! Have a very Merry Christmas and THANK YOU so much for participating!!!

    P.S. Love the extras you sent, especially the leaf.

    I pinned your beautiful ornament to the 2014 Holiday Ornament Hop Pinterest board.

  13. Oh my word! When I read Jenny's description of what she made for you, I was smitten. How very thoughtful! And your wire nest is the perfect place for the beautiful bird to perch. I love doing this special and intimate hop. Enjoy the day and Merry Christmas to you and your family. Erin

  14. Looks like you both outdid yourselves! I always love what Jenny creates and you, my friend are a wire wizard!

  15. Patti - I love the idea she had of using a survey to find out about you - what she created from your answers is just perfect! I also love where you have your ornament hanging! I love your tree!
    The ornament you sent is exquisite!!! I just love your metalwork!

  16. The felt ornament you received is so lovely, cozy, and personal. I think it's fab that she took your likes into account to make this. Oh, and the ornament you sent her!! I like how it's not too 'Christmas-y' and she can leave it out all year. Beautiful job.

  17. Jenny's idea of a survey is truly inspiring ~ I love how it enabled her to create such a personalized lovely gift. And your wire work is, as usual, perfect - teamed with Donna's and Marla's art beads is simply wonderful.