Monday, March 16, 2015

Wire Tutorial

Today was my day to post over at Love My Art Jewelry.  I have a little tutorial over there for  making some very quick wire beads/connectors like these.

I had something very interesting ( me it was interesting) happen to me today.  I had this pendant necklace listed in my Etsy shop (which links automatically to my Indiemade site).  

The necklace features 9 little Burmese Jade Discs, which I purchased eons ago from a very popular online seller.  Well, I received an email from the honchos at Etsy, informing me that my listing was deactivated for the following reason:

"Etsy's policies prohibit the sale of items sanctioned by the Office of Foreign Asset Control (OFAC) at the US Department of the Treasury. OFAC prohibits any transactions involving jadeite or rubies from Burma (Myanmar)"

If you are an Etsy Seller, please refer to this link, which details the policy.

This action on Etsy's part did NOT upset me - in fact, Etsy refunded me my listing fee, as this was a first for me.

I also let the online seller know - and they have removed the jade from their website.

I just thought I would pass this information on - who may be of value to to you in the future!

Thanks for stopping by today!!!




  1. Glad I was not sanctioned alone! Got the same message and responded that I'd bought the darned stuff on Etsy! Wondering if I have to feel guilty about the Burmese things (artworks) I have in my house..... Probably not since it was actually bought in Burma. ;) (Etsy's just trying to be on their best behavior for their IPO; at least they didn't shut us down.)

  2. That's interesting about the listing. Your necklace is gorgeous, sanctioned jade and all! Thank you for the tutorial on LMAJ!

  3. Wow - that's a new one on me but it's useful to know these things. At least they refunded you! Small mercies! I like the look of that wire wrap technique - I've been wanting to experiment more with wire work so I'll be heading over to your tutorial, wire in hand! No matter what Etsy say, that's a gorgeous necklace! Sending hugs from Shroo:)xx

  4. I love these links! I'm going to have to try them. And, the information on the Etsy listing is interesting. It's hard to keep up with all the rules and regulations now so it's good that Etsy does it for you.
    Enjoy the gorgeous weather!