Monday, August 17, 2015


Patti Vanderbloemen

Last week was spent playing with sterling silver-which will always be my favorite metal!

These little hoops are actually quite small.  I reached for some heavier gauge wire, twisted the ends together and then melted them into a ball.  Then, I flattened the ball, did a bit of shaping with my files, and soldered on a tiny little ball of silver.  I really like the organic look of these hoops.

Still thinking of hoops, I made a pair of double hoops.  I soldered the tiny  jump rings for security sake.  I did not add patina to these - just kept them bright and shiny.  These are quite dangly!

Then I got out the copper, added some silver and some tube rivets.  

Those mixed metal tabs, above, were my favorite of the week...until...

I discovered a new-to-me tool a couple of weeks ago.  It took a while for it to arrive, but, it is a shot plate and I used it to make those tiny little center flowers in the hoops above.  In fact, I wrote a blog post at Love My Art Jewelry and demonstrated how I made those little flowers.  Click here if interested in reading about that!

Then, I got really brave and made what started out as a solid sterling silver spinner bracelet.  I have only ever made these with a copper base, as an 8" length of metal is required.  So, I held my breath when I hammered, praying that the solder join would hold!  Well, it did!  BUT, I loved the texture so much on the base bracelet that I did actually CUT OFF the inner spinner bracelet...'cause I wanted to see the texture!

That little satellite/inner spinner bracelet did not go to waste!  I re-soldered and made a couple of sets of stacking bangles, instead.

I also worked on bezel setting a couple of gemstone cabs, but, not liking my results right now.  They are sitting on my bench...staring at me...begging me to make them better.  In time...

Last, but not least, I am having an End of Summer Sale in my shop.  I am hoping that this sale will raise some funds for hay for Miracle Horse Rescue.  Charitable organizations are really taking a hit this past year.  If nothing else, I am hoping that by having this sale, Summer will be over quicker...have I ever mentioned that this is my LEAST FAVORITE season??

Thanks so very much for stopping by today!  Hoping you have a wonderful week!



  1. Love all the pieces Patti - gorgeous! I just read your article on Love My Art Jewelry - what wonderful instructions and links. I am going to have to add the tumbler to my spreadsheet of tools mom and I want to purchase ;)

  2. I love my spinner bracelet, Patti! I have had many compliments on it. Love the texture on the silver bracelet.

  3. Love all these pieces, especially the earrings! The first pair Is my favorite.

  4. Your silver work is gorgeous, as usual! You've had a good week to be in the studio with the very August weather we've had. I love all the pieces you've done. Those earrings with the little flower are my favorites! Have a good weekend. The humidity seems to have died back a little.