Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Crafter's Devotional - Progress?

I am continuing to practice methods, as described in the Crafter's Devotional book, to spark my creativity.  I bought a Journal - and I actually wrote my first entry!  My handwriting leaves very little to be desired.  I know that when I re-visit my journal entries down the road, I will not be able to read my thoughts! is progress!

One way I am trying to boost my creativity is to revisit jewelry I have made in the past - to evaluate the design, my skill level (or lack thereof), etc, to try to improve on what I am creating. 

So last year sometime, I acquired these gorgeous red/gold lampwork beads from Unicorne Beads - I just love these colors together!  At the time, the only metal I worked with was silver, so I made this necklace:

Even the large -- and I mean large -- focal bead was silver.  But, it sat in my Etsy shop - I don't think it even was viewed!  And, this sucker was heavy!!  So, I took it apart (I save my silver scraps and send them off for credit to Rio Grande) - and I made this instead:

Click on pictures for a larger view!

I know...not the best pictures!  I used Vintaj wire, and wired a few tiny Czech glass beads and red wooden round beads to the bracelet.  I really think the Vintaj and tiny antique bronze fittings complement the lampwork better than the silver!

I still have 29 bracelets left to make for my 75-bracelet donation to the 7000 Bracelets for Hope Campaign.  The event is to be held on September 27th - wish I could go!  This is such a worthy cause!   It is getting harder and harder to make each bracelet unique!  But, this is also inspiring me to create, for sure!

There is one other thing that has truly sparked my creativity for sure!  Remember this glorious mix of beads?  They are the beads I received from Lori Anderson for the 6th Bead Soup Blog Hop! 

Here is a peak at what I made:

My reveal date is this Saturday - July 28th.  I do hope you will come by to see what I cooked up with this soup!  Till then....

Thanks so much for stopping by!


  1. So, it's funny, but I really liked the first necklace. I think a lot of times, it is what the 'trend' is at the moment. I've got several things ready for the hop, but I keep thinking of more! 'See' ya Saturday!!!

  2. I loved the first necklace, but you are right by reworking it in the warmer colors of the vintaj wires I think the bracelet came out really lovely, good luck with your 75 bracelet donation, I have much respect for you doing this, as I know how hard it is to have a deadline and look at what needs to be done and be searching for inspiration for the next design (of beads in my case) of bracelet...
    good luck and thank you for all the nice art work you put out there...

  3. The new bracelet looks great - love your wire work!

    I have several of my older designs that I want to re-work as soon as I get time.

    Gotta tell ya - I can't tell a thing from your sneak peak! :) Looking forward to seeing what you create!

  4. The silver necklace is/was beautiful!! It did look heavy. I love the new bracelet. I used one of Te clasps you sent me in my BSBP necklace. I am slowly making stuff. Nothing as impressive as you and the other ladies. :)

  5. Definite reworking success. Love the woodys tones you used for it. BTW that sneak peak pic looks very much like the one I did for Lori's last Cup of Soup ;o)

  6. I can't wait to see what you made! And I have a rule about things sitting in my inventory too long, too -- take it apart and redo!