Friday, August 31, 2012

A Jewelry Bag - and More Donated Bracelets

My mother is a seamstress.  She will vehemently refute that statement ... but she is.  When she relocated from her home in Florida and moved in with me almost two years ago, I happily moved what I call my jewelry studio that was located in a spare bedroom to my basement and together we created for her an awesome sewing room.  And this is where she spends most of her time.
Although she can sew most anything, she prefers to quilt and create craft items.  Most recently, she was surfing the net and found a "pattern of sorts" for a hanging jewelry bag.  Well, two of my nieces serve as my jewelry guinea pigs and therefore have acquired LOTS of jewelry.  They both have very large, very nice jewelry boxes.  And they are overflowing!  So this is what Grandma made for them:
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I have seen these in magazines - they are awesome!  The two-sided jewelry bag has tons of pockets, which she created with a heavy plastic - see through!  She tailored the pattern so that one side (on the right of the picture above) has a place at the top to attach necklaces, which hang from a self-made tab and "fall" into the pocket below - and the finished product has different size pockets to accommodate various sized jewelry.  This hangs from a heavy, wooden hanger in the closet.  I just thought this was the coolest thing ever and had to share!
The rest of this post contains more images of the some of the 75 bracelets that I have made and donated to the Global Genes/Rare Project Organization for their Gala to be held next month.
Beautiful, softly swirled lampwork beads by Sue Kennedy / Sue Beads
Lampwork Beads by Sue Kennedy / Sue Beads - the flecks of color are amazing!  I combined these beads with two enameled beads by Sally Russick
Lampwork Beads by Sue Kennedy / Sue Beads - this is actually one of my favorite bracelets - love these beads!
Lampwork Beads by Sue Kennedy / Sue Beads - these have beautiful color variations, including pops of yellow!
Lampwork Beads by Sue Kennedy / Sue Beads, and one man-made sea glass bead, and handmade clasp.
Lampwork beads by Donna Millard, and sterling silver
Two different sets of lampwork beads by Sue Kennedy / Sue Beads
Lesley Watt sent me a link to this Etsy seller - Rob Johnson of Pebble Dreams - these lampwork beads - tiny spacer beads -  worked perfectly for this design - thank you Lesley!!
Man-made sea glass beads, Czech glass, and sterling silver
Many thanks to the artisans - especially my main lampwork supplier, Sue Kennedy - for creating these gorgeous beads!  Please visit the Global Genes Organization for more information about this very worthy cause!

And, thank  you for stopping by!  Your comments are truly appreciated!  :)


  1. What a clever lady.I think I could use one of those for my jewelery too.Awesome on the donations.I will make something up soon.As a genetic disease sufferer I want to share a little love as well.Love and hugs Tanya

  2. Hi Patty,
    Your Mom is very talented with the sewing machine. I really like the jewelry bag.
    The breaclets you made are gorgeous I love them all, Sue is one of my favorite glass bead maker. I am sure the person receiving one of these beauties will be very happy with their new bracelet.

  3. Wow, you *and* your mom have been very busy ladies! I love those jewelry bags! And your bracelets are so beautiful!

  4. What a terrific team you two are! I LOVE the jewelry bags, Mary! Functional and Fashionable. (And they hang in the closet and take up such a little space, Brilliant!) The gals are SO lucky to have both of you! Patti, your bracelets are so VERY beautiful. Each and every one is a pleasure to look at. I can only imagine how thrilled the ladies are when they receive them.