Wednesday, August 29, 2012

More Donated Bracelets!

My photo editing and collage-creating continues....Here are some more pictures of the bracelets I made and donated for the Global Genes / Rare Project Organization's Gala, to be held in September...
Click on the pictures for a larger view

LOVE it when Sue Kennedy sent me Sugared Beads!  These have great texture!
These blue beads by Sue Kennedy are the coolest color!
Blue AND Purple beads (my favorite color combo)  by Sue Kennedy combined with man-made sea glass.  The clear, transparent glass, with the swirled colors is so pretty!
Baby blue!  I combined these swirled, baby blue lampwork beads by Sue Kennedy with 3 enameled beads from Sally Russick that I had in my stash
Pretty swirled lampwork beads - with just the right amount of purple - by Sue Kennedy, combined with man-made sea glass beads in sweet teal

These blue beads by Sue Kennedy have a pop of yellow - love these!
I combined Sue Kennedy's pale green eggs with a larger egg bead by Kelly Wenzel, which I had in my stash.  Kelly has not been making beads lately, as she has been focusing her attention on her other love, photography.  I am lucky I saved this beauty! I added a tiny, disc bead in the same color as the large egg as part of the charm.
Lovely transparent blue beads by Donna Millard - the swirls of black really make these beads pop.
All of these beads are hand-made sea glass
Same bead color - different shapes, by Sue Kennedy.  I really, really love these beads!  I combined these with a Bali silver lentil.  No matter how hard I try, the silver lentil picks up a red tone in pictures only...ah, the joy of picture taking!

So far, in three consecutive blog posts, I have shown 25 bracelets...which means I have 50 left to "reveal".  I hope you are not bored! 

I want to thank Sue again for making such lovely beads, which made my bracelet-making endeavor effortless! :)  If you have not done so already, please click on the link below to find out how you can donate a bracelet to this wonderful cause!

I love to read comments, so please leave one if you are so inclined!  Thanks for stopping by!


  1. catching up with all your bracelets! WoW! you have been busy creating these gorgeous pieces! the beads are so lush and your style is beautiful. You have a Big Heart, Patti :-)

  2. Beautiful bracelets Patti! I love Sue's beads and your incredible generosity.

  3. So beautiful again and Generous!!! They will love them for sure!

  4. Wow you are just beading away! These are so pretty and I'm sure they'll love them!

  5. Hi Patti! I love seeing what you are creating with these beautiful beads and for such a great cause! The bracelets are so unique and pretty. Each one is WEARABLE ART! The recipients will be thrilled!