Friday, January 10, 2014


I LOVE cabochons - gemstone, lampwork, polymer - all of the them.  In my attempts to practice my bezel soldering, I acquired some beautiful lampwork cabs from Sue Kennedy at Sue Beads.  Two of the classes at ArtBliss this year focused on soldering, one of them included cabs. It is so much easier to do with a teacher there!

This lampwork cab below- made by Sue - features a beautiful, transparent green glass with swirls.  In our class last year, we added silver embellishments to the design.  While I kinda like how this turned out, I see so many flaws.  I sawed around the back plate free form - intentionally. It's not perfect...I will freely admit that sawing is also something I need to work on!  I kept wishing I had a Beth or Evie McCord (EB Bead and Metalworks) as my neighbor, as I am convinced that either one of them can expertly saw anything in their sleep!

I also wanted to experiment with solder paste.  I will not be using that again too soon! LOL!  I made the silver balls from scrap fine silver and added what I thought was the tiniest amount of solder paste to the balls....there is excess solder on this backplate near those decorative balls that I just cannot remove - and I have tools for this! :)  

I am pleased with the bail, though!  Dear sweet Mom loved it - so I had some jade beads in my stash that matched this cab perfectly. So, Mom got a new necklace and earrings.

I have more cabs in my stash and I WILL GET BETTER! :) 

The next one I made is a very simple design. The colors in this glass just POP!

This was a gift for another person I know who was very recently struck with Cancer.  Have I mentioned how much I HATE the "C" word?   In November, she had a bad cough..thought it was a cold.  It was not a cold.... Prayers to her please!

This necklace had to be 100% the link is another one of Cindy Wimmer's designs from her new book, The Missing Link.  I have made this necklace design before...for another woman struck with Cancer, and her friend whose father also suffers from this horrid disease.

I added a heart to remind her that she is loved by many.

Life is is short...hug your loved ones!

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  1. Beautiful designs, I love your cabs and the heart and word are great touches, your friend will be in my thoughts a reminder to live each day x

  2. Is there anything you can't do? Beautiful Patti, and thoughts to your friend with the big C. X

  3. beautiful post Patti, and gorgeous cabs! (and of course wire work!)

  4. I think your cabs look wonderful! You might see flaws, but I don't. I love both necklaces.

  5. I love cabs too!! I think yours came out really well. I too don't see the mistakes or if I do they look good to me. thanks so for turning it over and showing us how you made the bail on the back. So cool. and the new chain with Cindy Wimmer links love it too. And I am so sorry to hear your friend is ill. Healing thoughts for her Patti. Your necklace will certainly be a comfort.

  6. They are both beautiful Patti, but I especially love the addition of a heart for your friend. You are probably the only one who will notice that excess solder (unless you point it out in a macro shot on your blog!) but have you tried using radial discs in a pendant drill? I love them, and we get through quite a few in the classes I teach! This looks like a good set -

  7. Beautiful pieces Patti, I hope that one day I will be able to create such beautiful pieces. I agree with Jo that you notice the solder, cause you know it is there. Blessings to your friend.

  8. Patti your necklaces are fantastic! I love the first one you created and I seriously love that bail! I wish you were my neighbor so you could tutor me on those amazing links you create!!!!
    The piece you made for your friend is amazing and I am sure it brings her a lot of comfort and strength.

  9. Wow, I love them both! LOVE that bail too, what a great way to create one! I really don't see the flaws either!

  10. Your mom scored with that first necklace and earrings. Lucky, lucky mom! I see no flaws all I see is a great piece of jewelry.

    The C word is very hard. I have lost friends to it. Facing that journey will be easier for her with a friend like you. I'm sure she treasures the beautiful piece you made for her.

  11. Thanks for sharing your new soldering skills. I have just take a couple of classes and am getting ready to practice on my own. Scary! Where did you find the lovely bezel wire that you used? (if you don't mind me asking)

  12. Your Mom is LUCKY to have you AND to receive so many lovely pieces. I KNOW for a fact that she appreciates all that you do for her! Your Mom is a great mom and we miss her here in FL. I love the necklace you made for her. Your pendant is awesome and I think it looks perfect! The jade beads are perfect with it! Prayers and special thoughts for your friend. I believe the piece you created will give her strength and be a treasure she can hold on to, literally. Blessings to you for your talent and kindness.