Wednesday, January 22, 2014

My Last Creations....for a while

It is a very sad day for me today...I am beginning to pack up my jewelry "studio" ...well the huge mess in the unfinished basement that I lovingly call my studio.  I begin moving into my new home late next month, and it's time to pack it up.

I want to pack the correct way - I don't want to shove things in a box where they will sit for the next 2-3 months.  I want to separate and label accordingly.  Let's see if I can do that!  I figure I need at least a week to accomplish this task...maybe more.  Beads are small! :) Ugh...

I will be excited about having room to call my own.   A room with overhead lights, a painted concrete floor, an exhaust fan to help with soldering fumes....but most importantly, it will have HEAT! But, until I am there, my excitement wanes... 

So, these are the last of the items that I have posted to my Etsy this morning until I am able to resume creating in 2-3 months (sob...)

First up are these earrings.  I played with my oval disc cutter again and made oval "washers"!  Not an easy task, but it worked!  I put some texture on the rings with my rivet hammer, and wire wrapped these gorgeous, sunshine orange lampwork headpins by Sue Kennedy (Sue Beads).  These weigh next to nothing and are so comfortable!  I hope I remember to make more when my new studio is up and running!

Next up is this sterling silver  bracelet - gorgeous frosted glass from Lyndas Lampwork - I am totally in love with these colors! I added a bit of texture to the clasp with my hammer.

I just had to add that teeny tiny spacer bead by Pinocean as it perfectly matches the blue swirl in Lynda's frosted glass beads.

I pulled out these beads I purchased from Donna Millard - 10 months ago!  I am a hoarder, what can I say!  While they looked perfectly lovely sitting in my ceramic bowl on my jewelry bench, they needed to be made into a necklace.

All the colors of the rainbow here, embedded into her perfectly formed, transparent glass discs.

At my craft shows last year, longer necklaces were desired.  So this one is 33" round with no clasp - easy peasy - just slip it over your head.

Every other bead in this necklace features a double wrapped, sterling link, with large loops.

In my last post, I mentioned that I purchased a pound of 18 gauge square wire, when what I needed was 16 gauge.  So, I played around with this square wire yesterday and ended up creating twisted wire with my drill and vice. Oh this is texture!  And strong wire to boot!

I actually used 16 gauge square copper wire for the jump rings and the clasp, and 18 gauge to swirl around these lovely beads by Spawn of Flame.  These beads are awesome by the way - small, but that webbed silvered ivory packs quite the punch!

Because I am moving (my last move EVER, before I hit the grave), I am having a huge sale in my Etsy shop, beginning at 12:00 today (January 22nd).  All items will be automatically marked down 30% - 30%!!!  I don't want to have to move it to the new house, and risk losing track of where it is!

During this sale, 100% of all proceeds will be donated to Miracle Horse Rescue!  I appreciate any "shares" you may do for  me on social media when I start photo-bombing my ads on Facebook.  :)

Hope everyone survived the winter storm - we have about 4 inches of snow that has decided to permanently affix itself in the form of ice around here - wicked cold!  Sarge DOES NOT like it! :)  Stay safe and warm!

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  1. Well, you certainly decided to pack a wallop with those pieces before you pack up! Good luck with the move...I know what an ordeal that is, but you'll be happy again (and warm) before long. And I'm betting you'll be back at work before two months are up.

  2. Gorgeous pieces as usual, Patti! Good luck with the move - glad you will have a warm dedicated space - I'm sure your work will just get better!

  3. I've moved so many times, Patti... luckily not since I started making jewelry, and I shudder at the thought :) Good luck with both the move and your awesome sale!

  4. I moved about 18 months ago and it was WILD. The upside? When I unpacked, I took the time to sort and clean and I found some awesome things that had been pushed into corners or the bottoms of dishes....! May your move be smooth and all the gifts of your generous Spirit be given to you X7! Now if you just tell me you are moving to north georgia and are going to teach a wire wrapping class....THEN my happiness in your move would be complete!!!!

  5. Everything on this post is so VERY PRETTY...especially the 33" necklace! Good luck with the move!

  6. Good luck with your move, love all your pieces especially those to die for orange earrings!

  7. Patti, I'll miss seeing your lovely creations over the next couple of months, but I know you'll be bursting with inspiration by the time you have your studio set up! Good luck with the move, I don't envy you, but it'll be worth it!

  8. *sigh* Your jewellery is stunning! You totally have my sympathy with packing up your studio. I'll also be moving house soon and packing up my own studio is a grimly efficient affair and I miss it already! Not to worry though - think of the fun to be had setting up a brand new workspace! Glad to have found your blog via 'Grow Your Blog'. Best wishes from Shroo:)x

  9. Poor Sarge! I don't blame him a bit ... I'm not liking this cold! Patti I could just stare at your wire work all day long .... and that square twisted wire is divine! what beautiful pieces!