Friday, May 29, 2015

Busy...but not in a Jewelry-Making kind of way...

Not much going on here of late. kiln was delivered, and it sits in the same spot as the day it arrived!  My niece, her husband, their adorable 9-month old baby boy, and their equally-adorable white golden retriever Griffin moved in with us this past weekend.  They sold their townhouse, and bought a new home, that will not be complete until the end of June.  The past few weekends have been spent packing/moving etc.  I feel I need a good long stretch of time to dedicate myself to all the idiosyncrasies involved with the kiln.  Until then, I dabbled just a bit in "the familiar".

I recently went nuts at an on-line trunk show where I purchased a BOAT LOAD of beads by artist Judith Billig.  I just could not help myself!  Every time she would post a new picture, I gasped!  This is what I bought...

One of the bead sets included earrings pairs made with a most unique spiral shape:

These are lampwork rounds.  First, I wanted to mimic that spiral somehow, so I grabbed a piece of wire and wrapped up the orange rounds.

I must have snapped 50 photos of these earrings - so hard to photograph, and these little buggers would not sit still ('cause their round)!  

Though I love the earrings, I realized the spiral effect is kinda lost.  So, I wrapped up the black ones with the spiral "on the side".

Again - impossible to photograph!  I would set them up on my gray board "just so"...turn on my camera, and those puppies just kept rolling!  And, the spiral is lost in the picture.  Sigh...

So, I grabbed a pendant and make a necklace.  Much easier to photograph!

That's about all I have done in the past couple of weeks.... I will hopefully speed up my production in the coming weeks!

Thanks so much for stopping by today!  Enjoy your weekend!



  1. With all of the Family events, I am surprised that you had time to work in your studio, but I am so glad that you did! The beads you bought are gorgeous! I can't wait to see what other pieces you create! The earrings with the spiral beads turned out great. The photos are fine. I especially like the necklace with the pendant. The chain you created is terrific!

  2. I understand about needing a chunk of time to explore your kiln. I love what you've made here - especially the orange earrings. orange is a big favorite of mine!

  3. Hi Patti,
    Sometimes we have to have a creative break no matter what is going on around us. I'm so glad you got that break the earrings are beautiful even though they were difficult to photograph. I love the necklace it is so pretty.

  4. Well if that is a slow day .... what does a busy day look like for you?! LOL more gorgeousness from the studio! I was loving wearing my pretty earrings from you on Friday :)