Wednesday, April 29, 2015 more!

Written by Patti Vanderbloemen of My Addictions Handcrafted Jewelry

I have had this ceramic focal from Karen Totten of Starry Road Studio for quite awhile now.

I have made more than several attempts to incorporate this focal into a necklace - but nothing I came up with worked for me.  Everything I tried seemed to take away from the simplicity of the beads, which by the way, I absolutely adore!  

In my last few posts, I have been incorporating silk into my necklaces.  I was sure I only had shades of purples and eggplant left in my fiber stash.  But, I don't know when I purchased this - or who it was from - but I found more!  I swear - this has to have been in my little box labeled "fibers" for at least two years the bottom.

Well, I also still had 3 of the copper bails left that I made last week... well as a stash of handmade components that I have not used yet, and these little wire connectors still remind me of a bird's nest, albeit, with a huge hole in the middle!

I think this necklace is my favorite so far - the muted tones tend to match my personality more.

And that little pop of red..yum!

Who knows...this newly located stash of silk may mean I have to make more necklaces!

Spring has sprung here - and the morning is my favorite time of day to be outside - it was a most enjoyable walk with Sarge this morning!  Hope you are having wonderful weather where you are located, as well!

Thanks so much for stopping by today - have a great Wednesday!!!



  1. That is really pretty - you are so talented!!

  2. That's beautiful Patti! I love seeing all the little details - your work is just impeccable! xo Julie

  3. That is so beautiful! Thank you for sharing your lovely design! xo

  4. I just love this! I have some similar beads that I haven't been able to figure out how to use. After seeing yours, I think that I will play with some sari silk.

  5. This really works. That lovely ribbon is perfect.

  6. Beautiful Patti, the silk ribbon was just waiting for the perfect time and focal to reveal it's self to you.

  7. So pretty design! I would love to say that your work is too good. It is an appreciative post.

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