Monday, May 11, 2015

I am so frustrated...

I hate to keep re-hashing this subject, but my blog is going to have to serve as my place to vent today. After what I thought was due-diligence on my part, I placed an online order for a Paragon Kiln on March 27th.  This order included a few accessories.  When the accessories arrived a week later, it noted on the packing slip that the kiln would arrive within 12-15 days.  By the end of April, and still no kiln, I contacted the webstore.  This telephone contact began a thread of emails a mile long with "should be out next week"..."shipping on Tuesday"..."coming soon".  You get the drift.  Quite frankly, I was fed up.

Saturday morning, I sent an email to my contact at the webstore and flat out told them 1) cancel my order and refund my full purchase price (charged to my credit card on March 27th); 2) reminded them that they should not have charged my card until shipment was actually mailed - or at least the full price should not have been charged; 3) and, I included a diatribe of how their website shipping policies are beyond misleading.  I further advised them that in this faceless world of online shopping, customer COMMUNICATION - at the very least - should be paramount.

I received an email from her this morning telling me the kiln could be mailed today, or I could receive a refund.  I thought... "are you serious"?  I asked for the refund.

How is this company still in business?  Am I the only customer who fell through their cracks?  Is customer service a thing of the past?  I know that if I ran my tiny one-man shop this way, I would never have another sale.

So, I am going back to my list of vendors again in search of this elusive kiln.  In the meantime, I have been playing with some metals.


I really need to start playing with beads again - my shop is becoming devoid of color, filled with copper and silver! :)

Thanks for stopping by today - hope you have a great week!



  1. I feel your frustration and hope you find a vendor soon. Let me know if you need a direction, as I've bought a couple and am happy with them.

  2. Oh I'm with you 100%! That would have pissed me off as well. I dunno....I'd bet that they actually didn't have the kiln in stock when you ordered it so they'll have been waiting on their own distributor...a life in retail means I know that crappy trick well. I don't think anyone would MIND so much if these types of sellers stayed IN CONTACT and explained their process properly! Buggers.....glad you're getting a refund. Can you imagine the hassle if anything went wrong with the kiln? Yeah....

    On a lighter note - ooooooooooooo......I love the latest selection of shiiiiiny things. The colour and tone you get into your metals just hypnotises me. They're so SO beautiful - I know I keep saying it but it's TRUE! I drool. Lots. Dammit, woman, you're too talented! Marvelous! Hugs and more drool from Shroo:)xxx

  3. I can't believe you haven't gotten the kiln yet! I don't blame you for canceling the order! Wow! But, you jewelry is gorgeous, as usual! I love all of it.

  4. Good for you for taking a stand against poor service. I hope you find a kiln somewhere else soon. The feather pendant is AWESOME!

  5. Seems like this poor customer service is the norm nowadays! Sorry to hear that you have not received the kiln. I personally am glad you asked for a refund. Better luck in getting a kiln next time. Love your pieces in this post, especially the pendants!

  6. Beautiful, beautiful pieces - sorry that you're not being treated so nicely. Way to take a stand on your refund - I might have caved :-(

  7. what a pain in the patootie! how are they still in business? hope you're able to find an alternative - no doubt you're beyond ready for a kiln to arrive. You metal work here is just beautiful Patti as always! the color you get in these is just beyond yummy!

  8. What a frustration! Thank goodness you dealt with it in a productive way -- by hammering some metal and bending wire and making beautiful things. So much better than kicking the wall or screaming into a pillow (although those can be pretty darned therapeutic, too!)