Saturday, January 21, 2012

I Heart Macro

studio waterstone

Winter FINALLY came to Northern Virginia.  Unfortunately...

It came in the form of freezing rain...

My BFF, Sam -a 90lb lab-does not like this crunches under his feet and he just looks at me all confused.  But no worries, Sam, this crazy weather is supposed to hit 50 degrees again by Monday....ugh.  Until then...

Thanks for stopping by!

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

New Work - With Sue Kennedy, Unicorne, and More

I have been busy lately....first up is this necklace I made with gorgeous red and gold "marble beads" from Unicorne:

 I was lucky to find some Czech glass beads in the exact same color tones, 2 small sterling silver coin beads, and a very large sterling silver bead that I was hoarding for just the right project. 
I finished it off with a hand forged clasp, also in sterling.

I made another necklace, featuring a donut bead from Unicorne.  I have not worked with a donut bead before, but I loved the colors!  So, I went through my stash and found these gorgeous bead sets I have from Sue Kennedy - the icy blue ones are called Glacier Sparkle (I love the name as much as the beads!), and the second set is called Blue Danube. These beads from Sue matched perfectly with the donut bead!  I stared at all the beads together for I swear at least 30 minutes...just stared!  I decided to make the donut bead into a toggle clasp.

It's rather asymmetrical and can be worn with the toggle in front, like a pendant, to the side, or even in the back. 

I also made several pairs of earrings - the first set below is made with these awesome filigree beads from none other than Sue! 
I love these earrings - I see them worn with a classic black dress.  This is the third time I have used these exact beads. In fact, my very first etsy sale was for this bracelet:

The customer who bought this wants a similar one for her sister - that's how cool these beads are!  The last pair of earrings below were made with enameled components by Sue, and very cool coral beads by HavannaBeads on etsy.

That's it for now...thank you so much for stopping by!