Saturday, June 4, 2016


by Patti Vanderbloemen

The winner of one of these wire wrapped Cross Necklaces....

is Kristine!!!

Kristine, please send me you address via email ( and I will get this out to you right away!

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Sunday, May 29, 2016

Symbolism in Design - and a Give Away

Symbols - they are everywhere! Recently, I embarked on using an inspirational symbol in a few pieces - the Cross. Although I am a practicing Catholic - I did not choose this symbol solely for the religious aspect.  To me, it symbolizes Life, Truth, and  Hope. All good things.

I have been using Vincent's (of Inviciti) hand cast pewter charms in my jewelry for quite some time, including making several necklaces with a cross as a focal.

Isn't that gorgeous?  Not sure what I love more - the focal itself or the aged patina he applies.  Either way, I am smitten!

First up, I have been coveting an absolutely perfect strand of graduated turquoise. The blue/green and veining in these beads are truly perfect.  I seriously considered just stringing the strand with tiny silver beads - that alone would have been beautiful. 

But, I made a cross out sterling silver sheet to serve as the focal.

I added a turquoise cabochon, set in sterling, to the center. The handmade stamp (Danny Wade/Ferro Valley Tools) is also a cross and shield. I had the hardest time getting the patina just right. I wanted an ancient/antiqued/just-dug-out-of-the-ground look to this focal.  I hope I achieved that look. When I cut out the cross pattern, I gave myself some room to fold the bail over and add a rivet for closure.

Then I made some earrings out of copper - and added two tiny faceted Amethysts set in sterling silver tubing.  My first tube-set gems! I was excited to cut the seat into the tubing and actually see that it worked!  It's the little things....

The last piece I made is a Sideways Cross Bracelet.  

It also features some stamping with hand made stamps by Danny Wade.  It is actually a flower stamp...but if you turn it on its's a Cross. 

Still enthralled with setting a gemstone in silver tubing, I added a little faceted Peridot to the center of the Cross focal.

More handmade chain - this is my go-to wire wrapped link of choice.  It's double wrapped and substantial, but still tiny and not overpowering. A tiny Swarovski Crystal in Peridot - and a little sterling silver leaf charm - are wrapped to the last link in the adjustable chain portion of the bracelet. 

Are you all still with me today?  'Cause I have a little give away for you!

I found an old tutorial on Pinterest for a wire wrapped Cross Focal (here is a link to the artist's blog if you are interested in making one yourself). It looked so simple in the tutorial but to be honest, it took me 3-4 attempts to not have a mangled mess on my hands! The cross measures about 2" in length - and not heavy at all!  I soldered closed a sterling silver jump ring for the bail, and strung the Cross on a sterling silver chain.

I am going to give away one of these necklaces! To win, simply leave a comment on this blog. If you want a second chance to win, share this blog post on Facebook, come back to this blog and leave a comment that you shared the post.  I will pick a winner in a few days!

Thanks for stopping by today! Have a safe Memorial Day and please take a moment to give thanks to those that ensure our freedom Every.Single.Day.


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