Friday, October 19, 2012

The Do Over Challenge Blog Hop

Jeannie Dukic is hosting this fun challenge - she sends what she describes as "an old, tired, boring piece of her jewelry " with instructions to  "work  your magic and turn it into something beautiful and amazing".  The only requirement is to use at least 50% of the beads - and we are allowed to add beads from our own stash.

I must digress for just a moment to mention that Jeannie is truly one of the most creative and talented designers that I have come across.  She creates beautiful art beads from polymer clay, and her jewelry designs are sophisticated and down right gorgeous!  She is also a mixed-media artist...SO.MUCH.TALENT.
This is a picture from Jeannie's blog  - which features her handmade pendants and beads - a GORGEOUS braclet, indeed!!
Okay, back to the deal at hand.  Jeannie sent me a 49" (THAT'S FORTY-NINE INCHES!) strand of beautiful carnelian and golden jade beads, which she had strung into a lariat:
This is really a beautiful mix of colors and the lariat included two very nice drops that terminate the necklace.  Now, my first thought was to take the carnelian drops and make very simple earrings.  But, since attending ArtBliss last month and having a wonderful heart-to-heart conversation with the inspirational Stacie Florer - I really wanted to "step outside of my comfort zone", "follow my instincts", and do something different.

So, I punched out some copper discs, which I then textured with one of my hammers, and soldered tiny silver bezels onto the discs.  I set two tiny amber cabachons into the bezels, and then I strung some of the carnelian and golden jade to the discs.  The earrings hang from handmade, sterling earwires.
I still had 48 1/2" of beads to use up!  So, I wanted to make a multi-strand bracelet - but again - I wanted it to be a little different from what I would normally do.  I headed to my disgustingly huge stash of art beads and found two copper paisly cone endcaps handmade by the talented Kristi Bowman (her work is AMAZING!).  I also recently purchased the most awesome handmade twisted copper clasps by Marie-Noel Voyer-Cramp.  Both of these woman are so multi-talented in both their jewelry and component designs, and I am so happy that I found their shops! These two handmade copper elements were meant for each other!
The bracelet was "okay" - I mean all the elements were there, but it was missing something.  So, I got out my sheet metal and chased, and folded, and formed, etc....until I came up with this nifty little piece that works amazingly well as a focal.
The bracelet spent an inordinate amount of time in my tumbler to work harden the focal - and believe me - it is work hardened!  I added a a coat of Permalac and Renaissance Wax to protect the finish.

This is truly the most comfortable multi-strand bracelet to wear!  I like it! :)
Thank you so much Jeannie for aiding me in pushing my self out of my doldrum, every-day designs!  I HAD A BLAST!

Please be sure to visit all the participans in this fun challenge!  And, I thank you for stopping by and taking the time to leave comments!

Miranda Ackerley
Patti Vanderbloemen - That's Me!