Thursday, April 19, 2012

Bead Swap # 5 - with Moobie Grace Designs

Today is my reveal for my 5th installment of "What I created with the bead swap gifts from Tania of Moobie Grace Designs!  This next one was a challenge - Tania created these gorgeous, hand forged copper hearts: (click on the pictures for a better view)
She also made the copper clay moon charm!  I have not used the charm yet...but I will!  Anyway, at first I thought the hearts could be used for earrings, but they are too large.  And, since I had two, I did not want to only use one as a pendant in a, I found a way to use them both in one necklace.  I paired them with gorgeous, handmade swirled beads from Duane Collins of Elements Pottery.
There is no way my pictures can illustrate the phenomenal colors, luster, and sheen coming from these beads!
I used a couple of copper bead caps that I had etched and wired everything together with heavy gauge copper wire.  I also made a very simple clasp.
I patina-ted all of the metals with my torch before assembly, then used some Renaissance Wax to protect the effects.  I also found two brushed copper hearts that I made into earrings.

Its always hard for me to take a good picture of necklaces - Surprisingly, this lays very well on the neck when worn!  So pleased!

Thanks again Tania!  And, thank you for stopping by today!

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Bead Swap # 4 - with Moobie Grace Designs

Yes...another Bead Swap project, thanks to the generosity of Tania at Moobie Grace Designs! Props again to Ms Lori Anderson for orchestrating this swap!  I am having way too much fun!!

I must say...almost every package of beads sent to me by Tania are not something I would initially choose for myself.  Thank goodness!  I am at the point where I feel that every piece of jewelry I make looks just like the last piece....  Don't get me wrong...I LOVE LAMPWORK go-to-bead-of-choice - but, I need to branch out! Using these gorgeous gemstones is really helping me to get away from that feeling.  Today's package contains beads and gemstones in shades of forest green (please click on the photos for a larger view):

Tania made the focal - STUNNING - the shading and subtle tones of green are so pretty!
I tried to get a picture above, that highlights her handmade, wire wrapped bail - and, there are two sweet lampwork beads that flank the pendant, as well.

I made a simple clasp for the necklace.
This necklace is so pretty when worn - it really lays well on the neck.  All I had to add was some copper-colored beading wire, a few brushed copper beads, and the clasp.

The earrings include sweet little czech glass flower buds - I love these!

Many thanks again, Tania and thank you for stoppinng by!

Monday, April 16, 2012

Bead Swap #3 - with Moobie Grace Designs

Today, I am sharing my 3rd creation, made with the lovely collection of beads I received from Tania of Moobie Grace Designs.  I may sound like a broken record here, but I must send a "thank you" once again to Lori Anderson for orchestrating this impromptu swap!

Today's creation evolved from this - a stunning color combo of soft greys and yellows:

Tania, an artist in her own right, created this lovely polymer clay bead:

And she also included this very cool lampwork owl:
These colors are just fabulous together!

Close-up of the earrings, strung on my handmade sterling silver ear wires.
The set -
There is just a touch of asymmetry here - not my forte.  I LOVE this set!

Thanks again Tania, and thank you for stopping by today!

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Bead Swap #2 - with Moobie Grace Designs

I am slowly but surely working through the wonderful beads, generously given to me by Tania at Moobie Grace Designs.  The swap was orchestrated by the lovely Lori Anderson (thanks again, Lori!)  Today's necklace and earrings were made from this group of lovelies:

These are truly my favorite, go-to colors.  She made the awesome polymer clay lentils - they are so gorgeous and the design is so intricate! 

And, the sodalite beads add just the right shade of blue! I made a necklace using sterling silver beading wire, and added a few silver beads and bead caps here and there.

I added just a touch of sterling silver chain and a hand forged sterling silver clasp.  Love the little Czech glass beads, too!

Love that focal! And, I made earrings, with handmade ear wires, to match.

I wore this to church last night, and felt like a queen! 

Tania was overly generous and sent me 10 bags of various "bead soups".  These are challenging to me, as I typically work with wire.  Many of these beads have tiny holes, which has required that I dig out my crimping tool!  I have actually worked through 6 of the 10 sets so far and have loved every minute of it!

Thanks again, Tania!  You were so generous!  And, thank you for stopping by today!