Tuesday, March 17, 2015

If you don't have anything nice to say....

I am currently running an "ad" on Facebook.  I spent Sunday reorganizing my shops and took over 1/3 of my inventory (62 items - way too much!) and knocked everything down by 25%.  In creating my ad, I selected 6 images that randomly post on Facebook and hopefully attracts viewers to my site.  I don't specifically select the individual viewership - just a range of "type" of person.  One of the pictures I posted was of the necklace, which is priced at $51.

Some unknown person, who is not my "Friend" on Facebook left the comment "Pretty Expensive!!!

Now, although I am pretty thin-skinned, I was not hurt by this comment - I was shocked at the callousness in which this person felt it necessary to comment when no good will come from it.  It was not constructive criticism, which I always welcome.  It was simply rude.

At first glance, I am sure that, in her mind, it was a piece of copper and cheap glass.  My first instinct was to respond to her and explain the number of hours it took to make this chain - from heavy gauge, square wire.  Each link is measured, cut, sanded, formed, and forged. Square wire twists when formed, and has to be hand manipulated back to its square shape.  After two solid days of making the chain, it was then dipped in liver of sulfur, and hand buffed...each tiny piece of copper.  It was then wrapped with an artist lampwork bead,which also took time to hand create.  It is truly one of a kind (check my shop - I have not made another!!) I could go on.  The proceeds are donated to charity - it states this in the ad.  

But, this woman would never understand handmade and I would have probably started a "Facebook Fight" - my life is way too short for that.  My mother would not approve.

I do not make jewelry for a living, to pay my bills.  I make jewelry because I enjoy it.  I donate the proceeds to charity.  I do not know how I would feel about this comment if I did rely on the income generated from its sale.  

So how did I respond?  Well, I had a mother who taught me manners - I can honestly say I continue to live my life with respect towards other...the adage "do unto others as you would have them do unto you" resonates within me.

I deleted her comment.

In reading the many, many nasty and rude posts and comments that people make on Facebook these days - the "faceless" comments from people you do not know and will never meet - turns me off completely.  The political rants that are beyond nasty, the attacks on ex-boyfriends and husbands/wives, all of it...just makes me roll my eyes in disgust.  

So, to the unknown woman who left the rude and callous comment on my Facebook ad, I repeat "If you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all"


Monday, March 16, 2015

Wire Tutorial

Today was my day to post over at Love My Art Jewelry.  I have a little tutorial over there for  making some very quick wire beads/connectors like these.

I had something very interesting (well...to me it was interesting) happen to me today.  I had this pendant necklace listed in my Etsy shop (which links automatically to my Indiemade site).  

The necklace features 9 little Burmese Jade Discs, which I purchased eons ago from a very popular online seller.  Well, I received an email from the honchos at Etsy, informing me that my listing was deactivated for the following reason:

"Etsy's policies prohibit the sale of items sanctioned by the Office of Foreign Asset Control (OFAC) at the US Department of the Treasury. OFAC prohibits any transactions involving jadeite or rubies from Burma (Myanmar)"

If you are an Etsy Seller, please refer to this link, which details the policy.

This action on Etsy's part did NOT upset me - in fact, Etsy refunded me my listing fee, as this was a first for me.

I also let the online seller know - and they have removed the jade from their website.

I just thought I would pass this information on - who knows...it may be of value to to you in the future!

Thanks for stopping by today!!!