Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Wine Country

I live in Northern Virginia - not my favorite place in the world, for sure.  It's too crowded, the traffic is awful, the summers are waaaaay to hot for this Mid-Western transplant.  But this past weekend, I went to Wine Country, Virginia.  I am only a 30 minute drive to a vineyard in Prince William County in Virginia.  But, we drove about 45 minutes to Warren and Faquier Counties.  I don't drink very much anymore - but I go for the company and the gorgeous scenery.

First up - Linden Vineyards.  This consensus is that this is the favorite of our group because of the wine, the scenery, and the baguette with cheese and summer sausage (we like to eat, too!)

Next up, Hume Vineyard.  Not nearly as scenic as Linden, but we were greeted with this view.  This is a tiny winery - so quiet and peaceful.

The owners of Hume live in this home, located right next to the winery. I would love to live here!
Our last stop was Naked Mountain.  Not my favorite - it was very crowded and not nearly as scenic as the others.  I was not even inspired to take a picture.
I leave you with my FAVORITE picture of the day.  This is Ella - she was vineyard hopping with her Mom and she is the friendliest pup!  Made me miss my Sam and Abby all the more....
Hoping you have a great week!  Thanks so much for stopping by!