Friday, October 12, 2012


In reading through my long list of blogs that I like to keep up with, the first I always notice is the blog banner.  There are some beautiful banners out there in web land....the pictures are crisp, the colors are vibrant.  But mine...ugh.
Every time I try to create a new blog banner, my pictures--and text for that matter -- are always blurry.  I do not understand this.  My pictures within my blog are never blurry.  But once they are slapped in that banner...forget it!
My "go to" photo editing software is Photoshop.  I have also used Picasa and Pic Monkey. I have finagled the resolution...blur.  I have used the "original" photos - completely unedited and untouched...blur.  It does not seem to matter which program I use as the results are always the same...blur.
When viewing my banner in the photo-editing program (pick any one of the above), everything is crisp.  But when I placed within my blog - blur.
Example - this is a picture of a recent necklace (gorgeous beads by Barbara Bechtel by the way) - see how crisp?  Now look at it in my banner.  Ugh.
So, I am leaving my computer early today - feeling frustrated and old...with any luck, I will run into a teenager who has more knowledge of computers who can teach this old dog new tricks.
I hope you have a wonderful weekend - thanks for stopping by!