Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Supporting Handmade

Boy...have I been neglecting this little blog.  Sigh.  I also contribute to the Love My Art Jewelry blog every two weeks, and I think I spend more time thinking about that post than my own little space right here.  I must do something about that!

When I shop (whether online or in person), I truly try to find products that are "Made in the USA" - they are hard to find, but they are out there. It is not that I harbor any ill-will to Countries outside the USA that manufacture products, I simply prefer to buy "local", for lack of a better word. I am also a huge supporter of handmade - not just jewelry - for many reasons. I know I am helping someone support themselves or their family, and, the quality of handmade is typically much better than mass produced. When I was growing up, when I was not wearing my uniform for Catholic school, I was wearing some article of clothing that my mother had made. And, whether I liked the dress or not (sorry Mom!), it was the quality that mattered the most.

When I buy beads or handmade supplies online, I am thrilled when an artist includes "freebies". Many lampwork bead artists have slipped in a pair or two of earring-pair beads, or a focal, and it does not just make my day - it makes my week! I mean...what an act of kindness!

As a jewelry designer, I cannot include "freebie" beads in my packages - especially if the customer does not make jewelry. But, I want my customer to know how much I appreciate their purchase.  I donate 100% of my sales to Miracle Horse Rescue - the more I sell - the more the Rescue receives. Having a sale motivates me to create more - and this creative outlet is a necessity for my own peace of mind. I want my customers to know how much I appreciate that sale.

So, lately, I have been including a Sunshine Polishing Cloth in my sales (similar to this one). I slap my label on the package, and I typed up a quick little note on how to properly use the cloth. I have had a good response from my customers - similar to when I receive free beads! 

While I still include the polishing cloth, I have added something new to my packages. I began using handmade soap and lotions - my skin is so dry - and I have seen an improvement in the texture and elasticity in my old skin. Specifically, I buy my soaps and lotions from this shop: The Bathing Goddess. Wholesome ingredients that work. The shop owner - Catherine Pruitt - is a fellow jewelry designer (I own several of her pieces, as well)!  Cat and I have become "friends" on Face Book and one night, during one of our Face Book Chats, we were discussing her Solid Lotion Melts. There is nothing quite like these rounds of softness - I have a jar on hand at all times. Just a few rubs of the solid lotion between your palms, and BAM - instant softness! I told her that I purchased --- years ago --- a tin of single solid lotion melts that I kept in my purse. Well, Cat took that to heart, and came up with a purse pack size of these wonderful lotions!

So, I purchased a bunch of these Solid Lotion Melts, and I also purchased some Lip Balms. I love that I can pronounce the ingredients and they truly work! 

I typed up a little note...

And wrapped either a Solid Lotion Melt or a Lip Balm in a little cellophane envelope to include with my sales.

Yes - I appreciate every single sale from either of my shops - and I am supporting handmade the best way I know how.

Thanks so much for stopping by today - I promise to do better at blogging! :)

Have a great day!!