Saturday, June 23, 2012

A Week in Review

This is going to be a very long post for me.  It has been a very trying week, that finally ended on an upswing.

I do not have children - I had dogs, the key word here is "had".  My Best Friend Forever - Sam the Man - had been ill.  He was born on April 19th, 2001, and had a sister named Abby, born the same day.  Sam and Abby came to live with me in June 2001 and they brought me such joy! 

Abby was quite sickly - 7 surgeries in her barely 9 years of life - all bone-related. When I had to put her down on April 12, 2010, I did not think I would recover from the sadness. 

My dear, sweet Abby

But I still had my Best Friend Sam to keep me company.

Sam and Kimberly - his pet sitter and one of his many Best Friends Forever

Sam had surgery for melanoma cancer in August 2011 - 48 staples in his stomach/right side.  It was awful.  Then on February 4, 2012, he tore his cruciate ligament (knee) and had to have yet another surgery.  This surgery was the one that "did him in".  He never fully recovered from these two surgeries.  About 3-4 weeks before he passed, he developed massive lumps in his side - the same site of his surgery from August 2011.  The cancer had returned...with a vengeance.  So, the decision was made to put him down this past Monday.  Sammy was surrounded by love - me, my mother, my sister, and Kimberly.  It was quite peaceful - but unfortunately, two dogs in two years is a bit much for me.  My heart is literally broken and it will take some time to mend.

Then, while dealing with my baby Sammy, I had started to develop a severe pain in my hip that was affecting my walking, sitting, get the drift.  By Wednesday morning, I had decided I would call my doctor on Thursday if I did start to feel better.  I could not make it that long, so ended up in the emergency room at 1:30 AM on Thursday morning.  I have never experienced such excruciating pain in my life - at least, not that I could remember. 

I had been diagnosed with a bulging disc in my back in March 2012.  I truly thought - as did the ER doctor - that I was having a severe sciatica nerve attack.  So, x-rays were taken, shots and drugs were given, and I was instructed to return to my Orthopedic surgeon as soon as possible. Luckily, I was able to see him late Thursday morning. 

My surgeon reminded me that in March, my MRI for my back indicated bursitis in my right hip.  I had to go to Wikipedia to remind myself what that ailment is all about.   Let's just say I am feeling a lot older than my 51 years.  He gave me a cortisone shot, some Percocet, and some steroids to hopefully bring down the swelling.  I have been tyring to take it easy - icing my hip and drugging myself to sleep.  You never miss walking, sitting, or lying down until you realize that it cannot be done comfortably... Anyway, I figured my week would just end on a downer.

But, I got an email from Lori Anderson last night that, although did not remove my physical pain, it sure did boost my morale.  I signed up for the 6th Bead Soup Blog Party last week and I have been paired with the Queen herself!  Yes...Lori Anderson of Pretty Things is my BSBP partner!  I think Sam had something to do with my fortunate good luck...don't you?!

Lori Anderson (picture from her blog)

Pantone Bracelet - Photo and Design by Lori Anderson

For those of us in the Jewelry Making World, Lori needs no introduction.  Lori's blog was one of the first blogs I happened upon years ago, and I have been "hooked on her" ever since.  She is not just a jewelry designer - one of the best in my humble opinion.  She does not just "write a blog post" - she shares all tidbits of her life, which I so enjoy reading!  She was blessed with a wonderful "kidlet" (love that word) named Zack, who obviously brings such joy to her life, as well as a supportive husband named Rick.  She writes from the heart, and her words are inspiring.   

I have only purchased completed jewelry from two artists - the first is Lesley Watt of The Gossiping Goddess and Thea Too .  Lesley is a another wonderful designer out there who not only creates stunning jewelry, but she started selling her handmade bronze and silver components a little over a year ago.  An absolutely lovely lady - so talented, and witty, and a heart of gold!  She posted a link to these earrings on facebook a few months ago, and I made that impulse purchase so quickly!

Earrings by Lesley Watt - they are mine now!
I don't even wear tangerine/orange, but I had to have them!  Well, I wear it now, as I immediately went shopping for tops to match!  Thank you Lesley, for adding color to my life!

I have also purchased two pieces of jewelry from Lori - most recently, this stunning bracelet she made for Jeanne Dukic's Echo Creative Club reveal:
Vintage Glam Bracelet - Design and Photo by Lori Anderson
I wore this bracelet to my niece Rachel's wedding in May - I had the best dressed arm in the church!

So, my email last night was a true pick-me-up that I so desperately needed!   I will spend the next few days picking through my huge stash of beads to send to her, and I hope she enjoys working with them as much as I do. 

Please forgive this long, rambling post - it was cathartic to write - but I am afraid it is a little "all over the place".  I am just glad this week is over and has ended on such a positive note!  Thank you from the bottom of my heart, Lori!

And, thank you for stopping by!