Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Art Bead Earring Swap - The Reveal

Diana Ptaszynski - who not only makes incredible jewelry components from clay (her shop link)  - but also finished jewelry - is hosting this very cool blog hop today!  Participants were placed into groups of 3 and created 1 pair of earrings for each partner. Each earring must contain at least 1 art bead, and the ear wires were to be made of sterling silver - unless your partner had no preference (I did not!)

When Diana emailed me the names of my partners, I was truly petrified (that is a little hint about my lack of self confidence!)  My first partner is  Mary Harding - an extremely talented artist who makes ceramic beads from clay.  Just look at the details of this pendant - I have a hard enough time "staying in the lines" using a crayon and coloring book!  I could stare at this artwork all day! 

Photo courtesy of Mary Harding on Etsy
First of all, Mary's packaging was like Christmas and Birthday rolled into one:

I should have snapped a picture before I opened the package, but my excitement got the best of me!  On the gorgeous ribbon securing the box is a tiny handmade charm in the shape of a heart.  When I opened the box, my goodies were surrounded by orange tissue paper, which totally matched the orange of the handmade charms and Swarovski crystals on the fabulous earrings! 

These are the most perfect earrings - and she even made the ear wires!  Not only do I have these fabulous earrings and a charm, but she also included this gorgeous handmade toggle clasp:

Each piece received from Mary was tied with this silky smooth ribbon and attached to her cards, with a description of the item.  These little touches did not go unnoticed - and I felt so very special!!!  Thank you, Mary!

My second partner left me feeling equally petrified - Ms. Erin Prais-Hintz!  I have been reading her on-line journal (let's face it - she is not a run-of-the-mill blogger - she is a writer!) for some time now.  In addition to her own blog, she is also a contributor to the Art Bead Scene and Earrings Everyday - both of which I read daily.  The pictures she shares of jewelry designs are descriptive in and of themselves.  However, she always includes the story behind each piece, which makes the design even more spectacular and special.  In addition to her jewelry, Erin creates her Simple Truths pendants and charms.  I recently purchased one for my niece to wear on her honeymoon - Happily Ever After (you can read about that here). The pendants themselves are gorgeous....I want one of each!  Anyway, here is what Erin sent me:

Of course it has been re-wrapped as I tore open the package as soon as I got it, so my awful picture does not include details of the ribbon, which includes her signature "key". Even the box identifies the goodies contained inside - truly a "Treasure Found"!  She also included a lovely note!

Gorgeous tiles made by Marsha Neal and vintage (1948!!!!!!) lampwork beads!  I absolutely love these!  She wrote the "ingredients" for the earrings on the back of her unique earrings cards- love these!  She recently wrote a post about her packaging on one of her blogposts and it was so cool to see them in person!

I cannot thank Mary and Erin enough for these gifts - I am humbled!   And thank you, Diana, for hosting this swap!  I not only enjoyed making my earrings for these special artists, but received something special in return!  And now, I need to rethink my packaging for my own jewelry!!!
Please be sure to visit all of the participants and have fun hopping!  Thanks for stopping by!

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