Monday, August 5, 2013


My last post was related to Jeannie Dukic's Echo Creative Club.  Well, to continue my train of thought, Jeannie makes some really cool beads people!  Last week, she posted a picture on her blog of the most awesome Owlete I have ever seen! I had to have I bought two! :)

I cannot get over the detail in this bead and I swear, if you are walking around the room, those little eyes made of Swarovski crystals follow you!  I cannot wait to make a bracelet with this little guy hanging as a charm! :)

In the picture above - those little Art Deco charms look just like metal! Yet, they are incredibly lightweight!  I see those charms with some oxidized silver very soon...

Stoneware beads in polymer clay - the texture is just amazing!

In other jewelry-related news...I have recently been addicted (yes...addicted) to making bangle bracelets.  I cannot tell you the satisfaction I receive from taking a length of heavy gauge metal, soldering the seam, and forming it into a bracelet!   I made 4 sets of 3 bangles (1 set went to my niece).

If you look closely - no three sets are the same.  Different textures, different gauges of wire, some have 3 coils and some some have 2...

Making these bracelets have piqued my interest in soldering.  I have several cabochons I will be working on in the hopes to make pendants and/or bracelet connectors.  Time will tell...

I still love my wire wrapping, too.  I had a set of 21 gorgeous lampwork beads by Inspire Glass Studio. They so wanted to stay together!  Gorgeous deep reds, blues, yellows - even matte black beads. So I wrapped them up into a 2-strand necklace.  Oh my, this took a couple of hours of wrapping!  But, I do love how it turned out!

One of these days, I will learn the art of photographing long necklaces - it just looks so blah sitting there!  I am still trying to find the right mannequin to be my model...In the meantime, my slab of granite will have to do!

Yesterday (Sunday) and today, Northern Virginia has been blessed with LOW HUMIDITY and beautiful blue skies!  Unheard of in the Summer - so I am headed out to bask in this weather before it turns ugly again!

Have a lovely week - thank you so much for stopping by!