Thursday, June 20, 2013

What's New?

In my last post, I showed pics of a new handmade chain I made in copper. I must stress that this is only new to me!  I have since made the chain in silver, too.  It starts with "links" that look just like cotter pins....

You can see my measurement markings on these cotter pins....
The pins are then shaped into links like these...

I really love this look!
This chain technique was taxing!  I used 16 gauge wire again and trying to wrap the two loops together in one fell swoop to create a "perfect loop" was not as easy as I thought it would be!  But it is fun!

The chain above was used in a completed project for an upcoming blog hop (the Black and White Hop hosted by Sally Russick...I love her!)  Anyway, I can't show you the entire project just yet.  

But, I have also mentioned that I felt I was in a rut, so I have been playing around with sheet metal and different wiring techniques (only different to me of course!)  I came up with these earrings.

First off are the gorgeous lampwork beads by LazyCatBeads - so pretty!  It is not just the colors she used - but the hand faceting into a nugget shapes creates so much dimension! What I like about these earrings is that there are no unfinished "ends" to the wire.  I really like these and must make more!

I made the copper toggle clasp above from copper sheet and played around with my tools, too!  I finally used my dapping punch to create this really cool texture on the clasp!

These beautiful beads are also from LazyCatBeads.

I really love how this turned out!  I have made a few other toggle clasps and bracelets, but they are patiently awaiting their oxidation bath, buff and tumble.

I had some really pretty square lampwork disc beads - which I lucky enough to win from Alice a while back (thank you Alice!).  I was stumped on how to use them - other than my usual just "simply wire them and dangle from an ear wire".  So, I did this instead...

I was not exactly smitten with this design at first - no particular reason.  But then I oxidized, buffed, and tumbled and I do like them now!  They are so lightweight!

I have so much stock in my Etsy store - I was prepping for Spring shows and went way overboard.  So, I listed, and listed, and listed - and there is still more to list!  So, I am having a 20% off sale for a week or two to hopefully move some items out to make room for more.

This weekend I am attending the baby shower for my niece (I still cannot believe she is having TWINS!)  These are the first "Grand Nieces" to enter the Vanderbloemen family - we are excited to say the least!  

Hope you all enjoy your weekend - thanks so much for stopping by!