Monday, May 27, 2013


Genea's Beads - so full of color, texture, and endless creativity!  That is what I think of when I see her beads.

She named this bead - Desert Serpent Jewel / Mermaid ....

Photo courtesy of Genea's Etsy Site
First of all, the base of turquoise blue DOES remind me of my past travels to the Caribbean - the water so transparent, so teal-blue, so tranquil, that one can actually feel the stress leave your shoulders.  The rainbow raku reminiscent of the sea shells found along the beaches.

Photo courtesy of Genea's Etsy Site
The tiny spacer beads - above - reflect the colors of the focal perfectly.  I like that the focal is etched, a contrast to the shiny rainbows in the spacer beads.

So what to do with these beautiful beads???  The focal is large - 25mm - and I did not just want to string it on beading wire - it had to stand out! So...

I took some very heavy gauge copper (12 gauge I believe), forged the bottom end into a paddle shape, slipped on the lovely focal, added a few jump rings in the shape of love knots - and one more cranberry red bead to complete the focal.  I forged the other end of the paddle in the opposite direction and wired this to a handmade bead connector.  I oxidized the pieces, buffed, and gave them several hours in the tumbler to add that beautiful shine!

That clasp is made by Genea, too!  I made some bead connectors from heavy gauge copper, and I wired the spacer beads to the copper links.

The clasp is in the front to the side - I could not bring myself to hide that beautiful clasp!

I had some spacer beads leftover, so I made a matching bracelet.

If you look closely in the picture above, the links for the bracelet are the same as the necklace - I just made them much smaller.  This link was inspired by a bracelet made by Cindy Wimmer in Wire Style 2 - I do love this link!

I made a simple pair of earrings - I balled up the ends of some 16 gauge copper and made some quick swirls.  Tiny deep garnet seeds have been wired to the copper ear wires (admittedly - those seeds look black in my may be time for me to get a new camera???!!)

I really love how this turned out!  Please be sure to visit Genea and see all of her beautiful, wearable art: 

To end this post - a sincere thank you to all of those who have served our Country and continue to serve - Have a Blessed Memorial Day!

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