Friday, March 9, 2012

Mom's New Sewing Room!

I know this is not jewelry or bead related, but, exciting to me just the same! My mom - my mentor and the creative genius of the family - FINALLY decided it was time to upgrade her sewing room furniture. She is an EXCELLENT seamstress, and I am not just saying this because she is my mother!

Mom has been sewing FOREVER....she used to make matching outfits for my sister and I, though at Catholic school, uniforms were the norm during the week. sister is not my twin, but Mom did it anyway. In fact, she used to have our hair cut the same way, too...ugh! Anyway, I digress. Her favorite form of sewing is decorative...quilts, curtains, valences, get the drift. She had been using this TINY LITTLE SEWING CABINET. I'm not quite sure how she did it all these years. It was decided that a larger sewing cabinet was in order, especially for quilting. I bought a sewing machine and serger years ago, from Sew Vac Direct, and we started our search. Due to the fact that her sewing room is located on the second floor of my home, it was necessary to buy the cabinet un-assembled, so that I could carry it up the stairs! No such thing as "White Glove" delivery for pre-assembled units.  She settled on the Kangaroo Aussie Suite!  I assured her that I could assemble it.  10 LARGE BOXES AND 3 DAYS LATER, I did!  And without further ado, here it is! (Pics were taken at night....probably should have waited for daylight, but I was so excited it was done and could not wait)!

This cabinet is awesome!  There is an additional leaf on the back of the cabinet that opens up to hold the fabric (i.e., quilt) while sewing, providing TONS OF ROOM to hold heavy quilts, etc., instead of the fabric spilling on the floor!  The machine itself easily retracts into the just happens to be sitting in its uppermost position right now.  Lots of cool nooks and crannies to hold the essentials!  Her serger is located on the bottom of the left hand side of the cabinet.  She can pull it out to use it anytime.  Even her quilting rulers are located in the back of the cabinet...right under her chair, providing easy access!

My uber-sweet niece's boyfriend was kind enough to re-locate shelves for her - I can put anything together but I CANNOT HANG THINGS ON THE WALL!!  Thank you, Kevin!

This awesome cabinet has nine drawers inside - the back leaf also folds up to become a cutting table, as seen in this picture.  The whole thing is on wheels and easily slides out from the wall to have it in "cutting mode". 

Nine drawers!  She has an additional chest, not pictured and not part of this cool set, also filled with notions, interfacing, etc. 

The coolest thing we did was move her little corner computer desk and file cabinet from my guest room into the sewing room.  Now, all of her "stuff" is in one place!  She loves it!

I have to tell you...the customer service departments at SewVacDirect, and the manufacturer, Kangaroo/Arrow Cabinets, are awesome!  Out of the gazillion pieces received, one of the tops was damaged - I called and received a replacement piece in 2 DAYS!!!  I am very pleased with their service!

A HUGE thank you to my sister - the Queen of Organization!  She helped me arrange the room last Saturday, which was a feat!  Thank, Lori!  I could NOT have done this without your help! 

Well, thank you so much for stopping by my little world!  Have a great day!