Sunday, June 12, 2016

New stuff

Blog does one come up with a catchy blog title?  I can't even come up with catchy names for my "New Stuff" it is!

I very recently received a fresh batch of pewter charms from Vincent and Nooma of Inviciti (link here)  and lo and behold, I used every single set in a week!  That NEVER happens, as I usually tend to "over buy" ANYTHING, thus my stash of beads keeps growing (out of control, I might add).

First up is a very simple pair of earrings. I have had these two "orphan" beads from Maryse of GlassBeadArt (link here) for quite a while. Inevitably, I always seem to be "left" with one or two beads from ANY strand. No worries...they all get used eventually!

But, I really love the shape of these clear glass beads! They are so unique, and the glass itself appears to have crackling inside - reminding me of an ice cube!

I have been adding to my gemstone hoard as well. I had these TEENY TINY gemstones (4mm) with what is I am positive the world's smallest hole. Not really, but I had to wear my Opti-visor's in order to string these itsy bitsy beauties.I bought these with the intention of making a multi-strand bracelet. 

I had a small, Blue Apatite cabochon sitting on my bench and thought it would blend so well with the colors in the gemstone mix. So, I made a silver bezel and wrapped it to the center hole in the focal. Notice the horse?  That horse is simply my eyes! 

I am always torn between making a "matching" pair of earrings. When I don't make them, I am asked for a pair..and when I do make them, inevitably one is purchased without the other. So, I flipped a coin and made a pair.

I like the fact that earrings are not so "matchy/matchy" with the necklace.

With my hoard of Inviciti charms dwindling, I made one last pair of earrings.

Those two little silver tabs were a death wish! When I make earrings, like most artists, I tend to complete one step on one earring and proceed to the same step on the second earring....always hoping and praying for symmetry and consistency. Well, after cutting each back plate and stamping the design; cutting the silver tubing, soldering it onto the back plate, and cutting a seat into the tubing; creating and soldering a half ring for the wire wrap; soldering on the earring post; and finally, oxidizing/buffing/tumbling, I was ready to set the stones. The first stone set beautifully. When I began to set the second stone, the gemstone was sitting just crooked enough to drive me insane. So, I had to cut the tubing off the ruined back plate and start over. I ALMOST said forget it, but I am glad I did not!

Lastly, I had several people (on Facebook) ask me to make a wire wrapped cross pendant like the one I gave away in my last post.  So, I made a few and listed them in my shop.  My favorite is the mixed metal sterling silver with copper.

So, that was my week!

Thank you for stopping by today!  Have a wonderful week!