Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Some things are just more important....

It's official - my desire to create anything worthy of, well, anything, has simply left the building.  The few times that I have even entered my studio have not been say the least.  I have to have the desire to do anything well - and it is gone.  For now.  Oh well.  The title to this blog post is Some Things are Just More Important...and they are!

Tomorrow - March 26th - marks Sarge's two-year adopt-a-versary into our home!

Sarge - March 26, 2013

We adopted Sarge from the local Animal Shelter.  He was found - roaming - with a choke chain around his neck.  A pitiful little 35 pounds.  Our vet believes he is half Pointer and half Beagle - and he certainly has a beagle-bark and loooves to hunt pretty much anything in the yard (deer, bunnies, fox, etc.).  At the time, she estimated his age to be somewhere between 1 - 2 years old.  He had been in the shelter for 27 days and was "Red Tagged"... 3 more days and it was curtains.  Luckily, he found us!

To be honest...I was NOT READY to have another dog.  In 2001, we researched breeders in search of a pure breed Yellow Lab. We actually visited the breeder twice.  But...young and stupid/old and wise.  Never Again.  When we finally decided to bring Sam into our home, the breeder brought out Abby.  She was the runt and very sickly - the breeder said she was probably going to "let her go".  She was so sweet, that we could not let that happen - so we came home with not one, but two pups.  OMG - never again!  I was 40 years old - YOUNG! - and had a lot more energy.  But I swear, I thought I was going to die  from lack of sleep and constant "baby sitting" the first year!

Both labs had serious health issues their entire lives.  Abby sustained 7 surgeries in her short 9 years - and Sam had 4 surgeries.  Our vet believed that Sam and Abby were simply the product of overbreeding, and we agree.  So, we learned a valuable lesson about overbreeding - but, we also believe that we "saved" Sam and Abby as much as they "saved" us.  And....look at these faces....

Sam and Abby - 2004
These two pups - especially Sammy - were truly the "loves of my life".  When I lost Sam in June 2012, I said "no more"!  I even put my foot down!  After much soul searching, and yes lots of tears, we visited the shelter.  We looked online and actually went to see another dog.  But, I saw Sarge and there was just something about him that said "pick me....pick me!"   So, we did. 

And, just look at the joy on Sarge's face and tell me that we did not do the right thing...

So...Happy Adopt-a-Versary Sarge!  We love you sooooo much!

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