Saturday, November 8, 2014

I have been feverishly prepping for the one and only show that I am vending at this year.  It is an open house at friend of mine's to benefit Borremeo Housing, Inc.(BHI).  BHI is an Arlington, Virginia-based nonproft that administers a two-year education, housing, and life skills development program for homeless young mothers, ages 16 - 22, and their babies.  Dani is always so generous to open her beautiful home to vendors and host this open house.  Every single room in her home is filled with potential Christmas presents. In addition, her extremely talented sister, Cathy, supplies the most delicious food NON STOP ALL.DAY.LONG.  It is a win/win all the way around - guests, vendor's and BHI.

So, I have been filling up my shop.  The necklace below features a beautiful lampwork cab by Susan Kennedy of SueBeads.  It is a stunning shade of purple with confetti-like pink and blue colors throughout. 

It features handmade infinity link chain, and lovely TINY gemstones of Pink Tourmaline and Blue Chalcedony dangling from the bottom, and four faceted Amethyst Rounds in the chain.

I actually sold a few of my Spinner Beads and was quite excited - one went to Great Britain, and one went to Finland.  Keeping my fingers crossed that they actually make it across the pond.  My postal tracking capabilities end in the US.  I did make a few more - SO.MUCH.FUN to make!  They rank right up there with my bangles!  I really like the thick copper satellite ring on this one.

The ring below features heavy gauge, half round wire to serve as the Spinner.

Been playing around with sheet metal some more and made a couple of toggle clasps for some bracelets.  I have been inspired by Ema Kilroy - she runs her sheet through a rolling mill and her toggles have the most amazing texture!  The bracelet below features gorgeous lampwork by GlassBeadArt (Sparkling Rocks in Winter White - MY FAVORITE!) and the toggle has been stamped - I HAVE to have texture!

This bracelet below turned out even better than I had hoped.  I checked - I have had these beads by Sheila Davis for YEARS - the color striations and the fine silver details are perfection.  So, I forged this clasp and then added some sterling silver rivets to mimic the silver details in the beads.

I hand cut the copper tubes for the earrings below - the ONLY copper in my store that has not been treated to a patina - so unlike me!  But, I really liked how Petra's (Scorched Earth) shiny copper complemented the bare copper tubes - so I left them alone.

I have quite a few pairs of these faux-ancient-looking lead free pewter charms from Inviciti - I paired these crusty crosses with Roman Glass.  I bought a strand several months ago from Happy Mango Beads and I use them so sparingly - they are estimated to be at least 900 years old!

Another Inviciti charm below - this one a Key.  The artist, Vincent added a  perfect verdigris to the pewter.  I soldered a thick ring of copper for the pendant, wire wrapped a Scorched Earth Black Heart and a nice, thick antique copper chain.  Simple - but still a statement piece, I think.

The bracelet below features beads donated to me by artist Mallory Hoffman.  A few months ago, she sent me a HUGE box of lampwork beads to use in my work - as I donated all proceeds to Miracle Horse Rescue.  These are even more beautiful in person - two of the rounds are hollow! (Thank you, again, Mallory!)

So much left to do before the show on November 20th.  But, I will get done what I get done..right? Right!

Thanks for stopping by - I love to read your comments!