Monday, August 1, 2016

Back to Jewelry!

I have made just a few new pieces of jewelry since my return to reality (getting back into the groove after vacation is so hard)!  I have shown these images on Facebook, but for any of you not on social repeats! :) Though, I do go into more details in describing each piece, here on the blog.

First up is this bracelet.  It features a beautiful Ocean Jasper cab, which I set in a copper "princess" or gallery wire -style bezel on sterling silver.

With each piece of jewelry I make of late, I try to improve on my techniques. For instance, this focal features the two connectors soldered to the side of the bezel - instead of soldering half a jump ring to the bottom of the piece.

It sits flat on the wrist and is just a bit more clean-looking, I think anyway.

I paired it with the most beautiful Citrine tablet-shaped gemstones...I am talking crystal clear with a lemon hue! I also added a second strand of Carnelian to the bracelet. These colors in the beads are reflected in the focal. I hope the new Owner enjoys wearing this - it was fun to make!

A few months ago, I purchased a lot of natural, highly faceted sapphires - hand cut and polished in Africa - from Rosy Revolver!  Her jewelry is incomparable, and so is her choice of stones!  I hand stamped--using just a liner stamp--the outer ring, and set a Champagne-colored, sparkly Cubic Zirconia to the top of the pendant.  I love these two colors together! 

I went back and forth on the type of bail.  I, personally hate it when I am wearing a pendant and it flips on me - HATE THAT!  So, I soldered a piece of sterling tubing (I flared the ends just a tad first) to a tiny piece of pattern wire, to which I then soldered to the pendant. The chain slips through the tubing/bail and it sits flat on the chest....and no flipping!

Not happy with my photos - at all.  I took several outside, inside - my camera reflection appears on almost every photo.  It is what it is.  One of these days, I may the get hang of it!

I made two rings right before I left on vacation and finally got some photographs. The first one features a little (10mm) purple Druzy Quartz.  

I took a sterling concho, cut out the middle "pop out section" and hammered it flat. I then did LOTS of filing to fit the bezel into the center of the concho and soldered it to a silver backplate.  Another round of sawing around the edges, and three little sterling granules soldered for added interest. 

I really like how this one turned out, as well.

The last ring to show is very simple, but features a split ring shank - which I have never done before. A pretty Denim Lapis cab and simple gallery wire.

These split shank rings are VERY comfortable to wear - I must make more!

I am a contributing blogger on the Love My Art Jewelry blog. Today, I posted a video tour of my studio.  I thought I would share the video here as well.  It's a bit shaky as it is my first video and boy, do I need practice!

I am lacking in inspiration today...I think it is the heat wave we are experiencing (as well as most of the Country, I am sure).  I hope my muse returns quickly!  Thank you so much for stopping by today!