Friday, January 30, 2015

Copper, Copper, and more Copper

The early part of this week, my mind has been mush.  But the past two days - in between errands and general life-stuff, I was able to create a few bracelets.  Most importantly, I wanted to practice with my flex shaft!

I am so pleased with this tool, people!  I have done so much research on what grinding, buffing, polishing wheels to use in which order.  I needed to put it practice before I forgot everything I read!  Well, the proof is in the pudding, as they say, and I am in love with this tool!

First up is this 1" wide copper bangle.  I used 18 gauge solid copper.  I had a hard time getting this puppy soldered, but I persevered and was so pleased!  I knew I was pushing it with my butane torch...but this girl has 2 of them (gotta have a backup)!, so enough heat was generated.  I also put a fire brick behind my charcoal brick, so that helped to "hold the heat" until solder flowed.

Happy with the wide band, I made a smaller, 1/2" bangle.  NO issues soldering this at torch was was all I needed.

Then, I progressed to this adjustable, mixed metal cuff style bracelet.  I have lots of little sterling silver discs from making toggle clasps, and I used one of my Fretz texture hammers that has circle shapes to apply the texture to the cuff.  Feeling brave, I even soldered the copper links in the chain.

This last bangle is my favorite.  It's so simple, but the little nest of wire on top - soldered for durability - just adds so much to the bangle.  I also textured all 3 sides of the bracelet.

I made some sweet little sterling earrings this week, featuring tiny round and textured discs, which I soldered to some ovals discs.  I also wire wrapped two tiny opal Czech glass beads to the top of the earring.  However, I have been struggling with trying to take decent pictures of these earrings...I finally gave up!  Sterling on sterling is so hard to photograph!  Shadows....too bright...too dark.  Ugh.

Judging from all the chatter on Facebook, the news, the papers...I believe there is a football game this weekend.  I will be in my studio watching Netflix!

Thanks so much for stopping by today - have a wonderful weekend!


Tuesday, January 27, 2015

January 27, 2015

Today marks the 10-year anniversary of my father's passing.  I cannot believe it has been 10 years, as I remember the day as if it was yesterday.  However, instead of being gloomy that his physical presence is gone, his spirit does remain and he has left quite a legacy  - a legacy to celebrate.  So, I'd like to share a few reasons to back up this statement.  

The beginning... That's my dad on the lower left- he had what I like to refer as a "shit eatin grin" (pardon my language)...even as child!  I get that grin from him!

First, there were 2
June 5th, 1954

My Mom is STILL a looker!

Mom and Dad's first Christmas - 1954
  Don't let that frying pan fool you - I bet it was all for the camera!  Mom was the Chef in the house...except at the grill, which was left for Dad!  She is about 5 months pregnant with my brother in this photo.

And then there were 4

I felt it necessary to share this next picture, taken on my 5th birthday.  My brother and I (youngest boy, youngest girl)  share the same birthday of December 16 - just not same year.  And, my oldest brother and older sister also share the same birthday  of April 27 - again...same day, but not the same year.  And back "in the day", requisite attire for young ladies was to wear matching outfits...even though we were not twins.  And the matching "hairdos" followed....luckily I am not sharing those pics! :)

In this picture, I think they are smiling because all four of their children FINALLY left the nest....

This picture is of me and Dad and it was taken about 14 years ago.  It's one of the last of the two of us taken together.  Boy, was my hair short!

But...from those two people, the family has grown...This was taken at my niece's wedding in July 2014.  Four children, Five Grandchildren, and Two Great Grandchildren. .. has grown again.

The most important legacy (in my opinion) he has left is the next generation.  The picture below was taken Christmas 2013 - these cuties are my niece's twins - that's Ollie on the left and Evie on the right...OMG so much cuteness!  Notice I am holding on to them for dear life...they were tiny - 4 months old!

September 2014 - way too much cuteness in one photo for me!

And this is Gavin - one of my other niece's newest additions - he is now 5 months old and has the sweetest disposition (just like his Great Aunt Patti, as I am sure my family would agree- LOL!)

I miss my Dad - but I will continue to celebrate his life, 'cause it was a life worth celebrating for sure!

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