Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Did Someone Say Christmas?

Mostly pictures in this post .... and lots of them!  I will be hosting Christmas this year - all 17 in my one time.  So, it took me some time to dig through many years of decorations.  But, this has kept me quite busy!

A few years ago, I was a volunteer for a local  Senior Citizens organization - a very special lady made me this centerpiece, which graces my dining room table every year.  She has since passed.  I miss her....
My very talented Mom painted this ceramic piece for me a few years back "The Night Before Christmas"
Isn't he adorable?!
He is resting with his Mom and Dad on my formal living room coffee table.  Side note:  I have lived in this home for 11 years and no one - including me - uses this room....does anyone else have this problem?!
I LOVE candles!
My mother gave me the bisque for these ceramics - I painted them through the years - with my Mom sitting next to me!  The small one towards the bottom right, waving his right hand, my mother painted - true ceramics, as it was fired again after painting
More snowmen...there is a pattern here!
Christopher Radko - my favorites ornaments EVER...geez, another snowman!
I have several cookie trays all set up - just waiting for me to fill them (ugh...lots of baking ahead!)  Oh my, I just noticed that this is yet another snowman! Apparently, I have several addictions...
I always find time to make jewelry!  Gorgeous disc beads by Sue Kennedy (visit her shop here).
Sue's shimmer beads - I LOVE THESE!
Gorgeous lampwork by Genea - with citrine and garnets.  I made this on Monday and sold it to a lovely friend / customer today.  It was hard to part with!
I have two trees in my house.  The "white tree" is in my front hallway and holds my special ornaments, like this one.
The green tree is in my family room and has all gold, red and silver ornaments  Except these two.  This is the 3rd Christmas without my Abby.  And it will be the first Christmas without my Sam. I miss them both more than I could possibly convey.  I know they are running together - free of pain - and they visit me daily.  But, it was not easy putting these ornaments up - trust me.  There is NO LOVE like a pup.  NONE.
Thanks for bearing with me on this picture-laden post!  I love to read your comments!  Have a wonderful rest of the week!