Friday, February 1, 2013

Focus on Life - 5/52

This week's Focus on Life prompt from Sally Russick is Capture Our Hearts.  Sally's email included the following:

"Have you ever taken a moment to notice all the hearts that come into your life everyday? From candy hearts, patterns on clothes, a paper heart you make yourself or heart shaped spirals made from the ornate rod iron fencing that you may or may not have ever noticed on your walk around the neighborhood, hearts are hiding everywhere." 

I was excited to receive this prompt - I actually carried my camera with me when I was out running errands ( I never do that)!  I looked everywhere - including my wrought iron fence, as I was positive the scrolls on my gate would form a heart SOMEWHERE!  Nope!  I refused to take a picture of a bag of candy at CVS, or the numerous hearts in the Hallmark Card aisle.  This made me a little sad!
So, the only place I found hearts were in my jewelry...again (I have got to expand my horizons and come up with another venue to express myself other than jewelry)!
Before I show you the pictures - which I did have fun editing in PicMonkey - I want to thank all of the artist for their inspiring posts, especially last week's (Create Art).  I was in awe - truly!  Oh - and Sally - I am so happy to report that I was contacted by someone to design a necklace - I actually did a sketch of the design and sent it to her - I was so proud of myself!  I would never have sent her that sketch if I had not gone through these past few weeks of blog posts - you are helping me to attain FEARLESS!  Thank you! are my hearts...

Sweet little lampwork hearts by Unicorne

I bought the Unicorne Heart Beads months after I bought the marble rounds and was pleased that they matched so well!

A single Unicorne Heart bead surrounded by gorgeous boro beads by JavaBead.
Thank you for stopping by today - and please be sure to visit Sally's blog here to follow along with all of the other participants who have Captured Their Heart this week!  Enjoy your weekend!