Friday, January 8, 2016

The Cuff

Okay...there are lots of reasons for my lack of jewelry making and "radio silence" on the blog here - and other social media.  In my last post, I directed you to the Love My Art Jewelry blog spot (link here, if you feel like reading it) , where I talked about an online class that I began on December 26.

The class, entitled Boho Cuff, is a series of online videos by Leslie Kail Villareal.  I had taken her class in the Fall for the Boho Saddle ring and fell in love with her teaching style.

This is a picture of Leslie's absolutely stunning cuff:

Source: Leslie Kail Villarreal
The techniques involved in making this cuff were almost all new to me:  etching on sterling silver, setting a faceted stone in a hand-cut cone style setting (hint:  there is math involved, geometry to be specific!), filigree work, and granulation (that's those tiny silver balls you see in the picture).

Well, here is my completed cuff:

The only true "Oh my gosh - I cannot finish this" moment(s) occurred when I was attempting to solder the tiny balls (granulation) inside the filigree. (I can also assure you that Oh My Gosh were not the words I used)! Every single time the flame hit the metal - those little balls went flying. I kept thinking of popcorn kernels in a kettle of grease. Yes - it was just like that!  

I managed to get the granulation soldered to one side of the cuff.

But the other side resulted in reticulated filigree (translation: the filigree melted and bubbled...just a tad!) You can see the beginning of the reticulation of the wire in the photo below. I even attempted to remove the filigree and start over - but that wire had other ideas and decided to stay put for the rest of its life.  So, I buffed the metal as much as I could, and I called it a day.

I am so tickled pink with this cuff!  I cannot believe I actually completed this baby - it was days - and I mean days - of work and so many soldering operations.  But - an immense learning process!  I see so many opportunities for additional projects using these new-to-me techniques!

Forever grateful to Leslie's vision and the opportunity to be involved in this process. 

Thanks so much for stopping by today - hoping you all enjoy your weekend!


Monday, January 4, 2016's been a while!

Cannot believe I have not blogged since November 2015 - and here it is, 2016!!

I basically took most of December "off".  But, I eased back into jewelry making and managed to make a few things, and listed them in my shop.

I truly love these earrings. Hand case, lead free pewter tear drop charms from Inviciti.  I have seen some beautiful creations on "the web" made with Vincent's charm - really colorful creations.  After several attempts, I decided to keep it simple.

A pair of earrings and a bracelet made with gorgeous beads by Judith Billig.  She named the beads "Delphi Relics" and her technique in acquiring that "just found in an archaeological dig" look is spot on!

These beads - also from Judith - remind me of the desert sky.  Beautiful color combination!

The last pair of earrings with Judith's beads - I swear, the photo of the Grand Canyon truly captures the beautiful colors in these beads!

The bracelet below was made with gorgeous translucent beads by Susan Kennedy - I cannot capture the swirl of amethyst in my photos - but they are truly beautiful!  I added some handmade beads caps, a handmade toggle and hollow bead, and two recycled silver beads - sandwiched together to make a single link in the chain.

Things kicked up a bit in late December.  I am currently enrolled in an on-line class with Leslie Kail Villareal (link here).  I blogged about this at Love My Art Jewelry.  If you are interested in seeing my progress, just click here.   The picture below Leslie's example of the sterling silver cuff that I am attempting to complete. 

Source: Leslie Kail Villareal
Wishing you all a Happy New Year!  Thanks so much for stopping by today!