Tuesday, July 10, 2012

This is What is Keeping me Busy - Global Genes Project- Bracelet Donations

Thanks to Christine Van Dyke Altmiller of One Kiss Creations Beaded Jewelry and Erin Fickert-Rowland of Elysian Studios Art, I became involved in the 7000 Bracelets for Hope project  earlier this year.  These wonderful ladies hosted a blog hop, whereby each designer was to create and donate a bracelet to the Global Genes Project - 7000 Bracelets for Hope.  The bracelets are donated to mothers of children with a rare disease. The only real requirement for the design was to make the bracelet blue.  This is what I donated:

I received an email in May from Lisa at the Global Genes Project, thanking me for my bracelets, and asking me if I would be willing to make up to 75 bracelets for their Gala on September 27th.  She asked me for a price - but I am simply donating the bracelets for this very worthy cause!

Please click here to read about the 7000 Bracelets for Hope project

I immediately went to my huge stash of beads and realized...I need more beads!  One of my all-time favorite bead-makers is Susan Kennedy of Sue Beads.  So, in early June, I commissioned Sue to make me 50 sets of lampwork beads!  I was not specific - I simply said "make them blue or blue-green", because quite frankly, her beads are so gorgeous that I knew I could design with any bead she gave me.  I asked her to send me a few sets at at time - I have received about 22 sets of beads so far from Sue, and combined with my current stash of beads, made 44 of the 75 bracelets (please click on the photos for a larger view):

I plan to take individual pictures of each of the bracelets once completed - I hate taking and editing pictures, so I am procrastinating and saving that task until the end!

In addition to the gorgeous lampwork by Sue Kennedy, I have utilized some awesome artisan components from artists including Lesley Watt (two bronze bracelet connectors, charms, headpins; and PMC silver components as well);  there are two beachy bracelets using gorgeous porcelain beads by Sheri Mallery of Slingin Mud; lampwork by Donna Millard, lampwork by Maryse Fritzsch-Thillens of Glass Bead Art; gorgeous bronze components by LeAnn Weih of Summers Studio; lampwork by Kaz Baildon of Cheeky Cherub Designs; lampwork by Rachel Bishop of Puffafish Lampwork; and etched metal beadcaps by Lisa Liddy of Metal Me This.

I have been working with a lovely woman who works for the Global Genes project, Chris Hemple.  She is the mother of 8-year old twins that have a rare, and fatal disease.  PLEASE click here to read their story and send them some love. I cannot imagine walking in her shoes....

Working on these bracelets has been quite cathartic for me - my yellow lab, Sam (truly, my very best friend I have ever had in my 51 years) passed away three weeks ago.  I miss him sitting at my feet when I am working at my jewelry table, begging me to take him outside --yet again -- to see what new smells the neighborhood has for him.

In addition to this bracelet project, I have a show to attend to next week.  So, I had better get back to work!  Thank you so much for stopping by!