Thursday, May 29, 2014

I may have gone just a tad overboard.....

It's never a good idea to shop for beads...from your IPad...late at night...sitting on the couch....when it is quiet and you are bored....or is it?

Well, I did just that two days Happy Mango Beads.  And I received the biggest package in the mail today (TWO DAYS!!!).  Want to see my loot?

Look at all that lusciousness!!  Here are a few close-ups of my favorites (okay...they are all my favorites!)

I have been totally enamored with recycled glass beads (above).  They are handcrafted and are not perfectly round - love that organic feel - but they are perfectly frosty and matte.

Lapis Lazuli Chips - these are quite large - one of my favorite gemstones.  The beads in the middle of the above picture - with the unique striping are Sandcast Glass beads - made from crushed glass.  The bottom lentil shaped beads are also recycled glass - love this shape!

Burmese Jade discs - I am in love with every single color here!

This last pic features Russian Amazonite (third strand from the top) gemstones in a lentil shape and old Chevron Beads from Nepal - those may be my favorite of the whole bunch!

Now, if I could just find the time to make something with all these beauties!

Tomorrow is Friday - can I get a collective YEAH???!!!

Thanks for stopping by today!!