Saturday, February 18, 2012

The Wedding of the Century - or at least May 2012

My dear sweet godchild/niece Rachel is getting married to a wonderful man May!  She has been engaged since January 2011, but picked May 2012 as her wedding date.  I was both honored and scared to death last fall when she asked me to make necklaces and earrings for her attendants. 
Rachel & Jon's official engagement photo (so cute together!)

Rachel's favorite color, to quote another Pretty Woman who shall remain nameless, is pink.  So, she needed to have the bridesmaids choose their dresses first.  She is having a late afternoon wedding, and the bridesmaids (8 of them, including 2 junior bridesmaids!) chose a sleek, strapless black dress (falls just above the knee) with a watermelon-toned sash around the waist.  These dresses are really beautiful!

Since weddings are by nature a dressy affair, the jewelry needed to be either pearls or crystals, at least in my opinion.  Crystals won!  The first thing I did was obtain several different Swarovski crystals in various shapes and sizes of I could find the right color!  Luckily, she gave me a swatch from the watermelon-toned sash, 'cause there are lots of pinks to choose from!  I also used sterling silver,'s a wedding!

I also added some black diamond Swarovski crystals...just because they are so pretty and I think snazz up the finished look, as well.  Once I was done with the necklaces and earrings, I thought...their arms will be naked!  So, I threw in some bracelets, as well!

Some of the design techniques were inspired by Denise Peck's Wire Style 2 - particularly Cindy WimmerJodi Bombardier, and Kerry Bogert.  These women are absolute magicians with wire!  Since none of the jewelry was sold (after all, it was a gift from Aunt Patti!), I felt it was okay to use some of their awesome techniques when creating the jewelry. 

Rachel is giving the bridesmaids the jewelry at her bridal shower on April 1 - I sure hope they like what I created!

I also JUST finished a pair of earrings to give to Rachel for her wedding day - not sure if she will wear them or not - they are made with LOTS of cubic zirconium and sterling and are stunning!  If not for the wedding day, I am sure she will find a suitable occasion!

I want to thank Rachel for trusting me with this challenge on one of the most important days of her life!  Rachel has been my "guinea pig" for all my jewelry - she is a true cheerleader! Thanks, Rach!

And thank you for stopping by my little world!