Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Full Circle

I have been on an earring-making kick lately.  The first pair, below, features gorgeous lampwork glass pillows - jet black with splashes of color - love these!  I added a soldered and stamped sterling silver hoop.  The lovely lampwork beads were donated by Mallory Hoffman (Rosebud on Etsy).  Thanks again, Mallory!!

Last week, I actually had an earring idea in my sleep.  I have no idea if I was influenced by a design I saw elsewhere (which is quite possible with Pinterest), but I had to try it.  

A length of brass wire soldered to a length of copper wire, forged into a ring/hoop shape, and soldered again.  I then stamped the metal and wrapped the center connection with sterling and balled the ends of the silver in a flame.   I love these!  They sold from my Etsy site in less than an hour, and I had incredible feedback on Facebook.  I was flabbergasted!  So, I made another pair yesterday and added them to my shop.

I don't like to duplicate too many designs for so many reasons, but I wanted to see how silver and copper would look - so I made this pair...which sold in less than 15 minutes - yeah!!

The brass coils photograph much brighter than "real life" - not sure why!  But, I am really liking mixing the metals together.

This last pair feature twisted silver - 14 gauge.  I really love this pair - I actually kept one pair for myself.  I tend to wear simple jewelry...when I wear it!

My niece, Sarah is getting married this Saturday.  OMG, where did the time go!!  Kevin, her intended, is a sweet guy and I could not be happier for them both!

I titled this post Full Circle - not just for the hoops, but I remember the day this little girl was born!  My sister checked into the hospital at 12:02 AM and she called me at 4:00 AM to announce "it's a girl".  Sigh...

Gonna be busy around here the next few days, and I am sure it will be one big blur!

Photo swiped right off of Sarah's Facebook page - hah!
Thanks for stopping by - Happy Wednesday!