Sunday, April 12, 2015

"My Addictions"...kinda sums it up!

I sometimes tend to get fixated....certain beads, metals, etc.  My own little trends, I call them.  This is my trend for the past couple of days...copper and silver - mixed it what you want.

I wanted to make another bangle bracelet, using PMC - just to make sure the first time was not a fluke!  So, I made two - one with a single strip of clay, and one with two strips.

I was going to make a third that day...but dang...6 gauge metal is tough!  LOTS of annealing, hammering, pickling, yadda yadda yadda.  My hands said "stop"!

I sold a couple of anticlastic spinner bracelets, and since it involves mixed metals, I thought ... go for it...make another one  I am always on the lookout for how I can create different textures with the myriad of hammers and tools I have on hand.  

Each "dot" on that bangle above is a single blow of a hammer.  My arm was begging for a break from banging, not to mention annealing, pickling, etc., as the metal curves out of control with each blow of the hammer as well.  The bangles below were much easier on my arm...only 12 gauge.  

To be quite honest, it is easier for me to align a join for a hoop with 10 gauge or heavier wire.  The metal is just sturdy enough to "stay where I tell it to" until I get the solder flowing!  Regardless, I like how these turned out!

Lastly, I revisited my most favorite of hoop styles.  These are 10 gauge solid copper, because as I said, the heavier the gauge, the easier it is (for me) to get a perfectly aligned join.

I have finished a few more projects with PMC, but, not quite ready to reveal, as they are components and I keep changing the design.  A woman's prerogative...right?

I must go outside and grab some Vitamin D - the sun is shining and it will be close to 70 degrees in Northern Virginia today!  Far cry from the 40 degrees last week.  Hope you enjoy the rest of your weekend!

Thanks so much for stopping by today!