Wednesday, April 10, 2013

A new addition and artBLISS!

I have been a VERY BAD blogger lately.....but I have a very good reason!  On March 26th, this little guy became a permanent member of my family:

He was adopted from the local Prince William County Animal Shelter ( a kill shelter....ugh).  He was named Sarge, and his name seemed to fit him, so Sarge it is.  He was picked up as a stray on 2/16/13, and 10 days later was put on the adoption list.  I believe his days were numbered, as he had a big Red Dot on his badge.  Anyway, he is a beagle/pointer mix - fully grown - and estimated to be between 1-2 years of age.  He was mal-nourished when he got home...but not anymore!  He has put on 5 pounds and is now at his optimum weight of 40 pounds. My vet also did some major bloodwork and discovered that certain levels are very high and he may have Lyme Disease - though he shows absolutely no symptoms.  So, 30 days of antibiotics just in case.  He is the sweetest little guy!  And, he was housebroken in 1 day!  He is an ESCAPE ARTIST and does suffer from separation anxiety - working on these things now! I believe he was somebody's pet, as he is very well mannered!
So, my life has been quite full these days!  However, I was so excited to get my email from artBLISS announcing registration is open for September classes!  Yay! !  I am filling every hour of this 3 day weekend - 2 classes with Richard Salley & Jessica Papke, and classes from my all time favorite teachers ever - Stacie Florer and Kerry Bogert
The classes with Richard Salley and Jessica Papke are focused on ring-making.  I am finding my inner metal-smith these days and believe this is the path I want to take.  Stacie's class will focus on post earrings - (I purchased several of these post earrings from Stacie as gifts for myself and family members and they are drop-dead gorgeous)!
Image from Stacie Florer's store on Etsy.
Kerry's class will focus on making a unique wrapped bracelet using one of her awesome lampwork beads as the button closure. 
I am very excited about these classes and I hope to see some of you at this fantastic event!
I hope to get back to regular blogging soon - I have been creating some beautiful pendants and rings from some cabochons...just need to get them photographed and sit down to focus on my blog again.
Thanks so much for stopping by!