Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Wire - Squared

My niece's wedding this past weekend was nothing less than spectacular!  I took 75 pictures - with my camera.  Perhaps I should have just used my I-Phone, as I have less than 10 pictures that I consider usable!  The lighting was very dark, or I was too far away, or too close - whatever!  Luckily, she had a fabulous photographer and I will hopefully be getting better images from her (what a let down!)

When we arrived at the venue, the "girls" were outside posing for pic with the photographer.  I did not even see the photographer standing there, but by golly, I captured her arm and her camera bag!  And poor little Shannon is completely cut out of the picture! Ugh.

Suffice it to say, it was a STUNNING wedding party, but you'll just have to take my word for it!  :)  I did happen to take some excellent shots of these two little peeps...

My Great Niece and Nephew, Evie and Ollie, respectively, were so cute!

By late yesterday afternoon, all my company was gone so I retreated to my studio and played with some wire.  Cindy Wimmer recently had an excellent tutorial for an oval shaped chain-link bracelet with NO SOLDER required - published on the Craftsy blog.  But, instead of making the links in an oval shape- which looked fantastic - I decided to make squares.

These are made with 16 gauge wire.  Prior to adding patina (liver of sulfur), buffing, tumbling, etc., I had concerns that the links would be too flimsy.  But, after a couple of hours in my tumbler - I was wrong!  The last link has a hook clasp that literally disappears when worn on the arm.

I was also quite surprised at the flexibility between the links - and they are so lightweight!  I have worn one all day long and forgot it was even on my arm!

Very pleased with this link!  So, thanks to Craftsy and to Cindy Wimmer for sharing yet another wonderful link with wire!

Thanks for stopping by today!