Wednesday, September 23, 2015

I's been a while.....

Almost a month since I have visited this little spot lately.  I have had a few health issues (no worries), but man, I am getting tired of being poked and prodded.  At one point, both arms had huge black and blue marks from various pricks (I am talking about the needle).  :)  All is well!

I have been working, here and there.  Earlier this week, I wrote quite a detailed tutorial for the Love My Art Jewelry (LMAJ) blog spot (you can view it here).  It includes step-by-step instructions on how I make these hollow sterling silver beads.  In addition to illustrating the technique, I just wanted to show how much work goes into making one these little babies.  I think it is worth it, though. I am actually hosting a giveaway for these two beads, pictured below.  There is still time to enter - just leave a comment on the LMAJ blog to be entered to win.

Sterling Silver Beads offered for Giveaway at Love My Art Jewelry
I made an even smaller pair for these earrings. They are itsy bitsy!

But..I had to make them as I had two lampwork beads left from the set I used to make this bracelet. Gorgeous lampwork by Susan Kennedy of SueBeads.

Yesterday afternoon, and this morning, I concentrated on making a few pairs of earrings.

I seem to be on a trend...make jewelry that is impossible to adequately photograph.   Anyway, these hoops feature tiny little Red Creek Jasper rounds.  It is Autumn now, and the colors on these gemstones remind me of the leaves right outside my window.

This past August, I was playing with my shot plate and made these earrings.  They sold, but I really like this style.  

With the exception of bangle bracelets, I don't like to repeat a design.  So I made these instead.  They started as a soldered hoop...then I just played around with that hoop until I came up with a shape that I liked.

Last year, or so, I made three pair of hoop style earrings with a post.  First, I twisted the silver, but I had a hard time soldering that tiny little post to the center of the wire.  I kept those three "reject" pairs for myself, one of which I grab to wear often.  Happy to say, my soldering has improved a bit and it is dead-on centered!

This last pair of earrings is my FAVORITE!  I belong to several groups on Face Book, a couple that cater to buying hand made stamps.  Well, one of the sets I received of "mini stamps" (by Ryan Lingner) has the cutest little cube shape!

I was so pleased with the stamping!  I was going to name these "Modern Cubist Earrings" when I listed them in my shop, but I don't name my items.  It's too hard!  And, when online searching - whether it is on Etsy, Google, whatever - I don't think anyone would land on my page....I mean really... would you search for "Modern Cubist"  when looking for silver earrings??  In fact, I landed on Pablo Picasso when I did the search! Duh! :)  So...if anything, I still will not be coming up with cute names for my jewelry!

I have gone back and forth with working with my Precious Metal Clay.  The kiln just sits there - taunting me.  I have a very busy Spring/Summer, and did not feel I could allocate the appropriate time to learning this new-to-me technique.  I may actually be putting it off until January now.  I know...shame on me.  I just know "Me". If I start something, and I cannot finish it COMPLETELY...well, the OCD kicks in and stresses me too much.  January.  Yeah -  New Year's Resolution (wait...I don't make resolutions either)!  What a conundrum!

Oh well...thank you for stopping by today!  Wishing you all a wonderful rest of the week!