Friday, April 13, 2012

Bead Swap Results #1 - with Moobie Grace Designs

I could not wait to get started on a project using the lovely beads I received from Tania of Moobie Grade Designs in the impromptu Bead Swap, spearheaded by the lovely Lori Anderson.  Remember these beads?

There was really no design effort required on my part - I mean, look at those beads?  I was particularly taken with the Golem ceramic say I love them is an understatement!  The soft teal color accented by the yellows and whites are perfection. As I said before, Tania obviously has an eye for color, texture, and shapes as the accompanying beads are perfect!

Anyway, I decided on a necklace and earrings.  All I had to do was add tiny sterling spacers, and a toggle - I did add some tiny white seed beads....underneath the I don't like to see the stringing wire.  It lays much better this way, too.

I love these earrings!  I actually do not wear very much jewelry, but when I do, the earrings are always "on the small side".  I made the ear wires and strung just one bead.

This is a set that I cannot wait to wear!  It screams "Spring"! 

Thank you again Tania, and thanks for stopping by!