Friday, January 4, 2013

What I did over the Holiday...and Donation!

I have been trying to write this blog post since yesterday.  Blogger is having problems with Internet Explorer and uploading pictures to your Blog.  The only way I can upload pictures is by switching to HTML MODE to upload, then switching back to COMPOSE MODE to edit.  Ugh...I hope this is fixed soon, as this post took me forever!


During the Holidays, I found some time here and there to sneak away and make a few new things.

The necklace and earrings above combine beautiful porcelain jasper, a hand-forged silver back plate, and some hand-rolled silver beads. 

I have not worked with gemstones in quite some time and I was excited that I could fit 18 gauge sterling through the holes in the jasper!  I over-purchased (something I need to work on) the strands of beads, so I made a a matching bracelet.  I still have an entire strand of beads left after making the necklace, earrings, and bracelet! By the way, I purchased the jasper from Dakota Stones.

I just love these green lampwork beads by Unicorne - looks just like peridot. I made three tiny dangles with matching Czech glass and wired them to one end of the bracelet.

The bracelet below is inspired by a design from the uber-talented Cindy Wimmer in Wire Style 2 - love the lampwork lentils from Unicorne!

The next three pictures are of a necklace I made with beads I bought from Kerry Bogert - I did not buy these at the same time, but while staring at my unending stash of beads, I noticed that they went well together.

The drop contains varying lengths of silver chain and an enameled bead cap by Sue Kennedy (an amazing lampwork artist who also makes amazing enameled components, too!

This is a rather long necklace for me - about 28 inches total - my hands were tired when I was done!

I made the bracelet and earrings below for my sister-in-law (Unicorne beads again!).  She ONLY wears gold jewelry.  I don't use gold very often, and was irritated at myself for purchasing 16 gauge 14K gold wire - I meant to purchase 18 gauge.  She is also the tiniest person I have ever met, so I made it adjustable.  In the end, it worked out....well, she said she liked it...

Yesterday, I FINALLY sat down to package up my latest donation to Ears to You (shout out to Amy Taylor Freeland at Copper Diem for introducing me to this charity-thank you Amy!)  21 pairs of earrings were mailed yesterday to this wonderful organization.  The earrings are given to women who are in the hospital undergoing cancer treatment....hopefully, they will bring a smile to their face, albeit, temporary. 

I still cannot believe it 2013....

Thanks so much for stopping by and have a lovely weekend!


  1. Your work is beautiful! I especially love the porcelian jasper and the silver back you have on it with the rolled beads! I hadn't heard of that charity and am going to check it out. Hope you have a wonderful 2013.

  2. If that's what happens when you get a chance to sneak away, you'd never be able to upload all the pics if you had a couple of days straight to work in! :) Love all the silver, did you make the rolled bead in the first necklace?

  3. Stunning Jewelry! I love it all. You can never have to many beads. :) The earrings for Ears to you is an amazing thing to do. The recipients are very blessed to have you in their life.

  4. Your new creations are wonderful! I love the long black and white necklace with all the wire!!!!

    I haven't made a piece of jewelry since the beginning of December, and I'm itching to get back to work.

    Happy New Year!!

  5. Oh Patti...really beautiful work...the gold is so what you did with your metal beads! !!

  6. Patti, these are all so beautiful! Hard to pick a favorite. I love the style you possess. And I LOVE your handmade rolled metal beads. I didn't get my Ears to You out until several weeks after the hop either. I put in a few more than what I posted, but nowhere near 21! You have a heart of 16ga 14K gold :-)

  7. Love, Luv your work. Did you hand roll te Beads?

  8. I love all your pieces, but I especially love the rolled silver beads in the first necklace! I've been wanting to try making some kind of sheet metal bead. I may steal your idea, if you don't mind! I also love your wire wrapped hook.