Tuesday, February 5, 2013

I am so sad...

This morning, I got to my computer at my normal 5:30 am and realized that today was the very last day of Kerry Bogert's Aspire to Wire e-class!  30 new projects in 30 days!  Kerry is truly a wizard with wire!  This class was so full of wonderful, creative techniques and I have thoroughly enjoyed every single project!
I have incorporated some of these techniques into some pieces I have made in the past week.  This post is pretty picture-heavy, for sure!
These earrings are a spin-off design from Kerry's class.  Beautiful boro lampwork beads that I have had FOREVER.  They were the last two in a set of 10 beads that I have slowly incorporated into other designs.  I am afraid I cannot remember the maker of these lovelies...
Just a simple necklace and matching earrings - but these artisan beads are from two separate bead artists and I thought the beads complemented each other well.
I am so in love with this green lampwork bead by GlassBeadArt - I attached tiny Czech glass dangles - doesn't this color remind you of peridot??
I also used a sweet handmade clasp by Joanne Tinley
Is this not a fun color?!!!  Beads by GlassBeadArt
These are tiny lampwork beads by Mallory Hoffman- I am happiest when I get to bang my hammer and make these, my favorite earring style to create.
This necklace was made using a link style technique highlighted by Kerry Bogert, and beautiful ceramic beads by Natalie McKenna.  The next 3 pics are of the same necklace.
I was inspired by Kerry to coil...coil...coil!
At my last craft show, if I was asked once, I was asked 100 times..."do you have earrings to match??"  Why yes...I do now!
More beautiful ceramics by Natalie McKenna-this time a bracelet.
I won a gorgeous "bag of beads" by leaving a comment on Alice Peterson's blog a couple of months ago.  Her bag of beads included this beautiful Silver Mist Jasper..yum!  Alice is having health issues right now and has taken a temporary sabbatical.  I include her in my daily prayers - she is a sweet lady-and I wish for her a speedy recovery!

Twisted chain again..this time in silver.
Gorgeous beads from Unicorne - this shape is so beautiful and there is  just a touch of dichroic glass in these beads.
I made this necklace nice and long...there is that link again!  Can you tell how much I enjoyed making handmade chain!
This last picture is my FAVORITE!  Kerry gave some fabulous tips on riveting with WIRE - this is the result!  I was so pleased!  I have only ever used actual rivets before!  I made a few of these in silver too....love it!
Have you tried any new techniques lately? 
Thanks so much for stopping by!  I love to read each and every comment!


  1. Climbing....out...of...my..drool...pool...!!!! I just can't even pic a fav in all that awesomeness, so I'll just say...well done!

  2. every piece is a complete beauty! that first pair of earrings would be on my ears every.day.

  3. Stunning! Oh that course looks like so much fun! Your jewelry is just beautiful.

  4. Lovely pieces, you certainly have made good use of the course and been a very busy gal :)

  5. You have really taken full advantage of what you have learnt during the class and made some really lovely pieces.Love the twisted chain and Jasper and the heart.. so clever! I so hope she does this again!

  6. Wow! You've been a busy girl! I love the earrings at the top. So nice to see a different way to hang beads. Those links in the chain are really interesting. They look great. You are a wire rapping wizard! And I love the riveted heart. It reminds me I need to incorporate more rivets. Thanks for an inspiring post!

  7. Patti! Wowza. Those are some gorgeous pieces lady! I wish I were as good with my words as you are with that wire! I just really love these designs. Copper is my favorite metal and the pieces above are scrumptious, truly! ~ Shelley

  8. Oh, Patti, don't be sad! Maybe the class ended, but you took away amazing knowledge and the prettiest pieces I've ever seen! You did a wonderful job with all of them - they are all gorgeous!

  9. It looks like you were keeping up pretty well with that tough schedule of 30 in 30! Love the new way to hang lampies with balled ends up there and what you did with Alice's beautiful jasper.

  10. I am so glad your post was picture heavy, I love everything. I especially love the riveted heart.

  11. Oh my!! What a wonderful display of beautiful handmade jewelry. You are so talented. Love your riveted heart earrings esp. I have such a thing for rivets. Thank you for sharing all these gorgeous photos and work with us.

  12. Wow! What beautiful jewelry, Patti! I love everything and that riveted heart is just too cool!

  13. I agree with Shirley! Man.oh.man! Drool, drool..... I would so love to take her classes. I am just waiting for my hubby to get home from the hospital, so I can concentrate! Those are just coolest!!!!!!!

  14. What a fabulous post. I'm sad, too, about the end of Kerry's class. I was traveling through most of it, and am finally home and can start making some of the projects. I've just gotten a huge does of inspiration from seeing your work!

  15. Love this whole post! Your work continues to delight and charm all of us! I love the chain on the long necklace. It's beautiful! The riveted heart is my favorite. How clever is that!! Thank You for sharing these treasures.

  16. What beautiful work you did for Kerry's class! It's so wonderful to expand your skills. As for me, I tried fold-forming. That was fun!